Tis the Season

For candy corn, that is.  The sweet little niblets come around just once a year, and I tend to overdo it each season.  This year I’ve had a candy dish of the stuff on the counter at Stash, and we have all been enjoying it.  One day I forgot to bring lunch and ended up eating candy corn and almonds instead.  No matter how good it may be, candy corn is not actually a vegetable, nor is it good for you.  Did I mention I’m going in to the dentist to get my first ever fillings tomorrow? That could explain the bender (I’ll show you, cavities!).

One way to get your candy corn fix without risk of dental damage is by knitting up this charming hat.  It is a Tot Toppers pattern called Red Light Green Light Go knit with Superwash Falkland yarn from Knitted Wit.  We have kits in the shop in the colors of the season as well as the bolder red, green, and yellow of the namesake stoplight. Each kit includes enough yarn to make a hat and matching mittens ranging in size from teeny to adult.

What’s your favorite Halloween candy?



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2 responses to “Tis the Season

  1. Mmmmm, mini Reese’s peanut butter cups. I’ve never liked candy corn, but the hat is way cute!

  2. veronago

    This is how I know we are related… I also go for the candy corn. But I buy the mixed kind that has pumpkins in it : )

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