Sit & Spin Sunday

This past Sunday some spinners invaded Stash.  They were most welcome, of course, and I was excited to see the local spinners in action.  You see, I don’t spin (yet) and was dipping my toe in the water to check the temp, so to speak.

The spinning itself was mesmerizing and looked quite relaxing.  What really got me excited were the drum carders and the enormous pile of fluffy, silky, sparkly goodies to mix into roving to create the most beautiful and fun batts.

It turns out many of the spinners are also sock knitters.  It only took a minor amount of cajoling to get them to show off a little bit!

I think this will have to become a monthly event, don’t you?


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One response to “Sit & Spin Sunday

  1. Bartleby Scribbler

    That looks like so much fun! I can’t wait to visit the shop next time I’m in town. Maybe I can even come to one of your knitting classes for beginners. Love the socks!

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