Seeing Red

So I was knitting away on a sample mitt for the beginning knitting class when something unusual struck me.

Essie Polish in Ruby Slipper, Columbia 2-ply wool in Wild Strawberry

Guess I’m having a red moment!

I’ve noticed that many of us tend to favor the same colors, or a particular palette.  Whether it be in our homes, our wardrobes, or our yarn stashes, the same colors seem to find their ways into our hearts time and again.  Sometimes we like to challenge ourselves to take more color risks and venture outside our comfort zones.  That’s probably how I ended up with a few of those skeins that just can’t seem to find the right project!

I’m pretty liberal with my color choices.  As long as it’s a saturated tone, any shade has equal opportunity to end up in my wardrobe or yarn stash.  Except peach and beige; I’ve always had a hard time with those!  But lime green, fuscia, silver, camel, or indigo? Yes, please, with sparkles on top!

What are your color habits? Do you approach color with trepidation, or are you a fearless color fanatic?  Is your taste in color different in yarn than it is in other areas? I’d love to hear your habits and thoughts!

Remember, this is a big weekend at Stash: Gallery Event Saturday 6-9pm, Knitted Wit & PDX Knitterati Trunk Show Sunday 1-4.  Have a great one!



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3 responses to “Seeing Red

  1. For me, it’s usually blue, red, purple, pink. Saturated jewel tones. I’m not a great color mixer; it’s more trial and error. I knit a Pippi hat sample this week for the trunk show. Didn’t like my color combo so I just knit another one! Trial and error, indeed. I’ll bring both on Sunday.

  2. Kathryn

    Perhaps I should bust out my red lipstick for tomorrow. xD

  3. Sonia,

    The store and all your cozy fibre goodies look LOVELY!

    I had a similar “Seeing red moment” while setting up my new studio, the yarn yurt…. I kept unpacking all things orange.. and yes even my socks were orange that day!

    I just wanted to say Yeah! It all looks fab! I wish you continued success and warmth!


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