Three Fates Yarns Trunk Show

Three Fates Yarns Trunk Show @ Stash!

Saturday, December 17th

from 2-5pm

Stephania Fregosi of Three Fates Yarns will be at Stash for an afternoon of yarn and dyeing show & tell.  A work-at-home mom from Salem, Stephania is passionate about dying beautiful yarns with a story behind them.  From her blog:

Moraie is another name for the three fates, clotho, lachesis and atrophos. Who are the Three Fates? The maiden, the mother and the crone, or the spinner, the weaver and the cutter (of the thread of life). Also, me myself and I. In mythology, the Three Fates are Greek goddesses that control human lives, but I think if we had gods and goddesses of fiber arts, they would be it. I always think of the three witches in the Scottish play, conversing over a dye pot, “When shall we three meet again.”

 Stephania will be coming with a selection of gorgeous hand painted yarn; some you’ve seen in the shop, and some are brand new to us.  Please stop in to chat with your local independent dyer and give her a warm Corvallis welcome!


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