Wooly Moss Roots Handcrafted Buttons

I recently found myself agog over some beautifully hand-carved wooden buttons on etsy.  How I had been dreaming of such a thing for the shop, and locally made pretty please.  After scrolling through their etsy page, I finally noticed that the artisans behind Wooly Moss Roots live in Oregon.  Hooray!  After a few friendly emails back and forth we had an agreement, and in a flash Jeff and Taryn (along with baby Bracken) were delivering their wares to Stash.

And they were every bit as beautiful in person as they appeared online.  The buttons, too!  I love it when that happens.

Each button is lovingly shaped and polished from reclaimed wood.  The wood comes from a variety of interesting sources and each is endowed with unique character.  We have a nice selection of small to large single buttons and sets for your enjoyment.  I am so pleased to have made this connection to the Wilson family online, and to have had the opportunity to meet them in person.

You can check out Taryn’s account of their visit to Stash on their blog.



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4 responses to “Wooly Moss Roots Handcrafted Buttons

  1. I love how the internet connects!! 🙂

  2. veronago

    Those are awesome! I totally want some.

  3. Laurie

    Did you get some of the big ones?

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