Meet The Samples:: Shibui Mix No. 6

Pattern:  Shibui Mix No. 6,

Yarn: one skein of Shibui Baby Alpaca DK in Artichoke and one skein of Shibui Silk Cloud in Green Tea, held together

~ by our newest Stash Enhancer, Cinnamon S:

I have been on a quest for the perfect hat FOREVER. It’s not that I’m picky or anything (except I am a knitter and some of us are a little bit particular), it’s just that I’ve had enough knitted hat disappointments that I finally came up with a list of criteria for my ideal hat to avoid further disappointment; The hat needs to look good on without a lot of fussing, be easily dressed up or down, and be comfortable to wear.

Happily, I think I finally found the hat and I can’t wait to cast on one for me!

The knitting itself was straightforward and quick, due to the simplicity of the pattern, clear pattern layout, and a gauge of 20 st/4 in, despite calling for a DK yarn. Yes, this is one of those patterns that takes advantage of the small yarn, big needle effect to create a more open, drapey fabric, but the mohair in the Silk Cloud blooms to fill in the gaps. Add the alpaca content to the mix, and you get an incredibly silky soft fabric, with the slightest halo, and lots of warmth. Oh, and did I mention quick? It took me about 4 episodes of my favorite shows to finish the hat.

The hat itself looks great on everyone, male and female, young and old. Whether or not it can be dressed up or down depends a bit on your color choice, and of course we have quite a few colors to choose from.

For me, I’m thinking a skein of Baby Alpaca DK in Ash held together with the Silk Cloud in Ivory would be perfect. Or maybe the Baby Alpaca in Velvet and the Silk Cloud in Peony. Or maybe I need to stop playing with the color combos and get knitting already!

Come in and see the sample, try it on, and then you too can drive yourself crazy putting color combinations together!


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