Meet the Samples: Minnie Me

by Stash Enhancer, Cinnamon

EDIT: There have been quite a few questions about where to purchase the Minnie Me pattern. We’re happy to say that it is part of the Ravelry In-Store Pattern sales, so you can purchase it at Stash! 

I don’t know about you, but by the time March rolls around, I am ready for spring and summer!   My thoughts turn that direction as soon as the first daffodils and tulips poke out their heads, and I start going through Ravelry page after Ravelry page looking for projects I can knit for warm weather.

Of all the projects I have been going through, the ones I keep coming back to are the skirts.  In my favs I have no less than 6 skirts, and while some of them are knit with warmer yarns, a cotton or cotton blend yarn could easily be substituted to get that cool summery look and feel.

Of course, this summer skirt obsession applies to the little people in my life as well, which is how the shop sample, Minnie me, came about.  It is the perfect knit for the coming seasons, and it can be done in any worsted weight yarn.  I knitted the sample up in our 2nd time Cotton from Knit One Crochet Too, and let me tell you, it is ADORABLE.   You must come in and see it!

Some quick facts about the pattern:

–        the pattern is well written and easy to follow, I found no errata or confusing instructions

–        the pattern is sized from 12 months up to a girl’s size 5

–        the instructions give you an option for a fitted skirt ,or one with more flare to accommodate cloth diapers (or little girls that love to spin¡)

–        there are directions for adding an i-cord tie, if desired

–        it’s completely seamless

–        any worsted weight yarn will do as the gauge called for is 19 st/4 in

–        it’s a fast knit!

I also wanted to mention that while the yarn I used was mostly cotton (75%) with a small amount of acrylic content (25%), it did not hurt my hands to knit with it.   There was definitely less give than a wool yarn would have had, but I wasn’t fighting the yarn the entire way (as I have with a few other cotton yarns I have used).  Another thing I liked about the yarn was that the color stayed put.  There was no rubbing off of the teal color onto my wooden needles and even when I gave the skirt its bath, there was not a lot of dye in the water when it was finished.  These two facts alone make 2nd Time Cotton a winner in my book.  Add to those facts that it is machine wash, made from recycled material, and quite sturdy, I know that I will definitely be knitting with it again.  As soon as I decide which skirt pattern to knit for myself…


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6 responses to “Meet the Samples: Minnie Me

  1. ruth monroe

    that is cute can I get the pattern sent to my email

  2. ruth monroe

    can I get the pattern sent to my email, that is really cute

  3. johanne

    Where do you get the pattern Love it!!!

  4. veronago

    WANT!!! so cute!!!!

  5. Elizabeth Runciman

    What are your other five fav skirt patterns?

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