Imperial Yarn Review

Going through my inbox the other day, I found an email I had saved for later and then completely forgotten about (I’m sure many of you can relate).  It was one of Clara Parkes’ informative yarn reviews featuring none other than Oregon’s own Imperial Yarn, specifically the Columbia 2-ply (an aran or light worsted weight yarn).

When I initially read the review, I had not actually ever knit with any of the yarns from this local company.   As usual, Ms. Parkes did such a thorough job of describing the yarn; I was convinced to try it out.  Thank goodness we carry the Columbia 2-ply!

After swatching the yarn for myself, I went back and re read Ms. Parkes’ review.  The yarn is exactly as she describes it, and I found the softness of my finished swatch irresistible.  It made me want to cast on for a project right away and after a quick look through Imperial Yarn’s patterns, I found the Essential Sweater Dress, which couldn’t be more perfect.

Soft comfy sweater dress here I come!  Right after I finish the 40 other items in my queue….

P.S.  We also carry Imperial Yarn’s Tracie Sport Weight 2-ply, Bulky Pencil Roving, and Native Twist (bulky, soft-spun single), each of which have corresponding patterns and shop samples.  Come in and check them out!

~By Cinnamon S.


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