LYS Shout Out: Stitch House + Black Sheep Knitting

On a recent trip to Boston, MA I had the good fortune to be introduced to two charming and inspiring local yarn shops.

Stitch House in Dorchester, MA is a riot of inspiration.  When I first walked in I immediately noticed the hot pink feature wall and all the beautiful sample knits and sewn garments. From colorful bolts of designer fabrics to luxurious skeins of yarn, there is something to inspire everywhere you look.

I love how the fabric and sewing notions blended seamlessly with the yarn knitting supplies.  The classroom area in the back was lined with sewing machines and really made me want to sit down and sew something!  I could just tell this was a fun yarn shop and that the people who work there love what they do.

Black Sheep Knitting in Needham, MA is an airy, light-filled yarn shop that exudes knowledge and class.  My first impression was pure wow! when I saw that hand-knit Aran chair cover in the window.  Amazing and of course I want one now, too!  It only took one person a month or so to knit… If you live in the area, I see they are offering a chair workshop in April.

You can spot one of the 5 friendly owners by their crisp aprons and welcoming smiles.  We were greeted at the door and given goodies of chocolate and tape measures, always useful and tasty!  I appreciated their open layout and counters running the length of the display shelves.  That would be perfect for laying out your pattern and lining up potential yarn purchases. And how about those charming framed swatches?  What a charming way to use up some leftover yarn or show off a beautiful stitch pattern!

If you live in or plan on visiting the greater Boston area, these two shops are definitely worth seeking out.


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