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WIP Wednesday

Monogamous knitters, shield your eyes! I’ve been in a casting-on frenzy over the last week and thought I’d share some of my WIPs. I know there are many knitters out there who only work on one project at a time, but I like to have a variety of things on-the-needles. A project for the shop, the latest KAL project, a sweater, and usually a small accessory or gift item. Let’s take a peek, shall we?

Okay, so this first one is soooo close to being a FO. It barely qualifies as a WIP, but it still needs ends woven in and buttons…so I’m counting it among my WIPs. I’m planning on using some wooden buttons from Wooly Moss Roots.

Please excuse the bathroom mirror shot…

For those interested, the pattern is Before Dark by Veera Valimaki and the yarn is Pigeonroof Studios Cassiopeia DK in Espresso. Sigh. This yarn is possibly the most luxurious yarn I’ve made a sweater from. It’s a merino/cashmere/silk blend and it has an amazing squishiness and shine to it. I can’t say enough good things about both the pattern and the yarn. We still have sweater quantities in a few colors of the Pigeonroof DK…but it would be awesome for smaller accessories, too!

Next up is a shop sample:

I think you all know how I feel about Swan’s Island yarn. In case you haven’t heard me rave about it…I love it. It’s organic, naturally dyed, and more importantly, feels amazing knit up. I’m using the worsted weight in a gorgeous brick red color to knit a Bedrock hat, which is part of West Knits Book 3. The hat has a fun construction, using short rows to make an asymmetrical brim.

And last, but certainly not least (and if I’m being honest, definitely not my last WIP)….my Spring Garden Tee for the Stash Summer CKAL:

I started on Monday night and I’ve made it through the neck shaping and am now happily knitting in the round and working on the raglan increases. The Be Sweet Bamboo is fantastic and it’s going to make a summer top that will certainly get a lot of wear (you know, after the warm weather actually arrives).


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Summer CKAL: Ready, set, go!

Summer CKAL begins today!

Are you ready?!  Have you swatched yet?

The start of my swatch, done in the round

Back of the swatch where the yarn is carried across and will eventually be cut before measuring gauge.

Today is the day we cast on for our Spring Garden Tees or Sea Breeze Tops, and in roughly 8 weeks (by the end of July) we, or the little girls in our lives, should have a lovely hand knit top to wear to the Farmer’s Market, or the park, or even eating ice cream!  (Because it WILL be warm enough by then.)

I’ve been checking out all the FO’s on Ravelry for our two tops.

The Spring Garden Tee adult version has some fantastic modification inspiration:

Sea Breeze Top mods that I love:

So what do you all think?  Going to knit the pattern as written, or add your own personal style?

Just to remind everyone, there is a thread for the CKAL on Ravelry called Summer KAL.  This is where we can share our projects, ask questions, help each other, and offer encouragement.  Jump in and join the fun!

– Cinnamon

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We’re very fortunate here in the Willamette Valley to be surrounded by fiber animals. From heritage sheep breeders to alpaca and Angora, there’s a flurry of fleeces at our disposal.  We are lucky to have some of that local fiber

When it comes to yarn, Stash loves to support  small local companies who have a high quality product that shows the love that was put into it. That’s just what we found in Caress Luxury Yarns from Ingrid Reimers. Ingrid searches Oregon looking for the highest quality alpaca to blend into her luxurious yarns. Hand-dyed in small batches, the colors are soft yet saturated.

I couldn’t resist the lure of the 100% Royal Baby Alpaca. At just 100 yards per skein, you may wonder what can be done. Ingrid thoughtfully came up with an answer: a free pattern for these sweet fingerless mitts!

Mine knit up almost effortlessly over the course of a weekend. The yarn was heavenly, and seemed to get even softer as it was knit.

We also have the new fingering weight Petite Skeins in an alpaca/merino/nylon blend. At 120 yards per skein, they’re perfect for color work projects like gloves, hats, and striped shawls.

What colors would you pair together?

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Meet the Samples: Savvy Shopper

It’s that time of year again! The time for Farmers’ Markets and strolling through downtown to shop at your favorite local businesses. Our newest sample would be perfect to tote around your fruits, veggies or even yarn!

Pattern: Savvy Shopper by Kollage Yarns

Yarn: Kollage Riveting Worsted – 2 skeins

Modifications: None!

This is the perfect project to work on while you’re watching TV, socializing at Stitch Night, or while traveling. The stitch pattern is the same every single row (with the exception of the garter stitch at the top and bottom), so you never have to keep track of where you are in the pattern. Some situations just call for this kind of knitting! It was also a fairly quick project, so you have plenty of time to knit one for yourself to use for all of your summer shopping!

The Savvy Shopper bag is knit flat so that the side seams can provide a bit more stability to the bag.

The Riveting Worsted is made from recycled blue jeans, so it has a bit of a tweedy look to it, which I love! Despite the yarn being 100% cotton, it was never hard on my hands and it also softened up quite a bit after a trip through the washer and dryer.

We have a variety of colors to choose from including a couple that look just like your favorite pair of worn blue jeans! The Savvy Shopper bag pattern is available at the shop in a kit that comes with 2 skeins of Riveting Worsted and a handy bag to store your WIP for only $20! Stop on in to get started on your very own cute and functional bag!

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Stash Flash: Part 3

I love my stash.  It’s so much color in one place, so much knitting potential, and it’s a small area of my life where I can satisfy my urge to organize knowing that no one else will mess it up but me.  (Can you tell I have two small children?)   Of course, it can also be a huge source of guilt when I see how many sweater quantities of yarn I have versus how many sweaters I’ve actually knit, but I generally get over that pretty quickly 😉 All in due time, I say! ( And also, that yarn in that color way may never be on sale again.)

[My yarn closet shares space with our frame backpack, weights, the ironing board, and my husbands’ work clothes]

 Like Liz, I have a closet area (ok, it’s actually a cubby with shelves, but I like to call it my yarn closet) dedicated to my stash.  It’s 3 shelves; with the top one dedicated to finished gifts, gift-wrapping, and other miscellaneous crafting supplies and materials.  The next two shelves hold the yarn that I already have organized into projects, each project (or types of project grouped together) in a plastic zip bag (the kind bed sheets come in).  I rely pretty heavily on Ravelry and my queue to keep this yarn all up to date and find-able; the projects I have yarn for are in my queue with the corresponding yarn info/color/amount/etc. entered so I know what I have and where it is.

 [Shelf 1]


[Shelf 2]

Until recently, the rest of my stash, those skeins of yarn not yet destined for a specific project, were in cloth storage bins (top right on shelf 2), just hanging around and easily accessible for fondling or inspiration purposes.  That was, until a friend of my discovered she had a moth problem in her stash (ack!)  Hearing her horror story made me absolutely paranoid, so I came home and took all the yarn off the shelves and out of the cloth bins looking for moths.  I didn’t find any moths, or any evidence of them, but I realized my yarn was too exposed.

[Former tile tool tub, now used for yarn storage]

 Using what I had on hand (my husbands old plastic storage bin he used for his tiling tools, which needed a disgusting amount of cleaning) I relocated all my exposed yarn into a place where the moths couldn’t get it.  This left me with the problem of not being able to easily see what I had.  To remedy this, I put all my un-categorized yarn on to Ravelry on my stash page. I figure this way, if I come up with a project I want to do, I can check the stash online and see if I have the yarn more easily than digging through a gigantic tub.  At least, that’s what’s working for now.

[No longer moth bait]

So there you have it, where and how I keep my stash organized.  Knowing myself, it will change and evolve to fit my needs but I bet I’m not alone there.  In fact, I bet there are quite of few of us that “rearrange” the stash regularly.  You know, just so we can sit on the floor and roll around in all of our beautiful yarn.

– By Cinnamon S

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Summer Crochet/Knit-Along

For those of you that don’t put the needles and hooks down during the summer, we have a CKAL planned!  Via the Ravelry Summer KAL thread, the knitters and crocheters each decided on a top to make.

Copyright Alana Dakos

The knitters’ choice is the Spring Garden Tee by Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting. There is an adult and child version, both adorable and knit in summery yarns (Be Sweet Bamboo for the adult and Rowan Calmer for the child). The patterns are available in the shop as a hard copy, or you can buy them from us via an in-store Ravelry purchase. The second option means you get both a print out and a pdf copy.

Copyright Lion Brand Yarn

The crocheters’ choice is the Sea Breeze Top, a very lovely empire waist tank top done in a cotton yarn that would look just as lovely in our Be Sweet Bambino cotton bamboo blend.  Also, this pattern is available for free on the Lion Brand Website.  Click here to find it!

CKAL details:

  • Start date: May 28th
  • Finish by: July 30th (so we have time to wear our beautiful summer creations during the summer!
  • Other details: For anyone that would like to use the Be Sweet Bamboo yarn called for in the Spring Garden Tee pattern, Sonia has offered to place a special order.  Just stop by the shop before May 16th and let us know what color and how many skeins you’d like.  We’ll even give anyone ordering a 10% discount!  Thank you Sonia!   (As per shop polices, 50% of the cost is due at time of ordering.)

— Cinnamon

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Meet the Samples:: Chloe

Summer is almost here, and with it has come a little more sunshine and a lot more color.  We are surrounded by blooming flowers, floating butterflies, and blue skies (on the best days).

We recent;y recevied a large dose of colorful yarn in the form of Be Sweet Bambino, a playful yarn composed of 70% organic cotton and 30% bamboo.  I spent days looking at this yarn and imagining all of the patterns I could knit with it.  In the end, I decided it would pair perfectly with the sweet and playful Chloe cardigan by Alana Dakos.

this was pure fun, from playing around with different color combinations to the actual knitting.  And then I got to choose buttons!  This is the 12 month size, and there is definitely enough yarn left to make another card with a different main color.  Can’t beat that! Speaking of the yarn, it is a little bit rustic in texture, but oh so soft before and after blocking.

So what colors would you choose?

In the top photo you can also see our selection of Be Sweet Bambino Taffy, which comes in a self-striping ball of fun in the same bamboo/cotton blend.

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