Stash Flash: Part 3

I love my stash.  It’s so much color in one place, so much knitting potential, and it’s a small area of my life where I can satisfy my urge to organize knowing that no one else will mess it up but me.  (Can you tell I have two small children?)   Of course, it can also be a huge source of guilt when I see how many sweater quantities of yarn I have versus how many sweaters I’ve actually knit, but I generally get over that pretty quickly 😉 All in due time, I say! ( And also, that yarn in that color way may never be on sale again.)

[My yarn closet shares space with our frame backpack, weights, the ironing board, and my husbands’ work clothes]

 Like Liz, I have a closet area (ok, it’s actually a cubby with shelves, but I like to call it my yarn closet) dedicated to my stash.  It’s 3 shelves; with the top one dedicated to finished gifts, gift-wrapping, and other miscellaneous crafting supplies and materials.  The next two shelves hold the yarn that I already have organized into projects, each project (or types of project grouped together) in a plastic zip bag (the kind bed sheets come in).  I rely pretty heavily on Ravelry and my queue to keep this yarn all up to date and find-able; the projects I have yarn for are in my queue with the corresponding yarn info/color/amount/etc. entered so I know what I have and where it is.

 [Shelf 1]


[Shelf 2]

Until recently, the rest of my stash, those skeins of yarn not yet destined for a specific project, were in cloth storage bins (top right on shelf 2), just hanging around and easily accessible for fondling or inspiration purposes.  That was, until a friend of my discovered she had a moth problem in her stash (ack!)  Hearing her horror story made me absolutely paranoid, so I came home and took all the yarn off the shelves and out of the cloth bins looking for moths.  I didn’t find any moths, or any evidence of them, but I realized my yarn was too exposed.

[Former tile tool tub, now used for yarn storage]

 Using what I had on hand (my husbands old plastic storage bin he used for his tiling tools, which needed a disgusting amount of cleaning) I relocated all my exposed yarn into a place where the moths couldn’t get it.  This left me with the problem of not being able to easily see what I had.  To remedy this, I put all my un-categorized yarn on to Ravelry on my stash page. I figure this way, if I come up with a project I want to do, I can check the stash online and see if I have the yarn more easily than digging through a gigantic tub.  At least, that’s what’s working for now.

[No longer moth bait]

So there you have it, where and how I keep my stash organized.  Knowing myself, it will change and evolve to fit my needs but I bet I’m not alone there.  In fact, I bet there are quite of few of us that “rearrange” the stash regularly.  You know, just so we can sit on the floor and roll around in all of our beautiful yarn.

– By Cinnamon S


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  1. wow that looks like a lovely hoard you have there, my stash is at this moment in a plastic bag (a big one) but will be sorted out very soon!

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