Baa Baa Black Sheep

It’s taken a few days for the fiber to settle and to process all the goodness that was Black Sheep Gathering.  Stash hosted our first-ever fiber festival booth, and it was a hoot! A busy, lesson-learning, inspiring, and fun weekend to be sure.

When we got to the space on Thursday there was literally nothing there but a table! Setting up the layout of the booth was challenging and fun, and I give serious props to all the vendors who have an inspiring set-up at these kinds of shows. It’s not easy!

We chose to highlight the best of what Stash has to offer in store and packed up some local treasures from indie dyers, spinners, and local companies like Imperial Yarn, Abstract Fiber, Huckleberry Knits, Three Fates Yarns, Hazel Knits, Knitted Wit, Becoming Art, Pigeonroof Studios, and more.

Throughout the weekend we chatted with a ton of friends, old and new. It was wonderful to see some finished Stash knits in the wild, and a real thrill to see people so excited about our booth. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello!

One of the most fun things for me about attending fiber festivals is the sheer volume of beautiful hand knits walking around. Stunning shawls, sweaters, and other accessories abound, and Liz and I both left with a long list of projects we’d like to knit.  As a knitter I  feed off of that kind of inspiration

Were you at Black Sheep? Let us know in the comments what your favorite part of the show was!

Happy stitching this weekend!

xoxo Sonia



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6 responses to “Baa Baa Black Sheep

  1. It was very fun to see my little Fiber Friends at your booth!

  2. Dear STASH:

    I loved attending my first ever BSG! And your booth was lovely, perfectly set-up and with all the right accents. I bought the felted corgi which I brought home and it matches my special little boy, Dozer the Corgi, perfectly. The only issue I had was that your booth was always crowded with people LOL! As it is impolite to shove people out of theway, I felt I had to let these new visitors to STASH have their time but goodness, did they have to dawdle and linger so long? (LOL!) Loved all the wonderful yarns and accessories you brought – thanks for being there!

  3. I love your booth set-up; the suitcases are both functional and cute! Sorry I missed it. Someday I’ll go to Black Sheep, but this was not the year. I feel in a tiny way like I was there, though. I spy my Ziggy and Pacific!

  4. yes, i was one of those people crowding the booth every day. my next field trip will be to see your shop in corvallis. thanks for the inspiring booth. you did an excellent job of styling it. make sure that you check out my blog to see what i said about YOU!

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