Mission: IncogKnito Caper


Continue reading only if you are willing to accept a Top Secret Mission.


As aggressive as the title may sound, Yarn Bombing is a cheerful and peaceful act of yarn art. Everyday objects become works of temporary wooly art when covered in hand-knit and crochet fabric. Imagine bike racks, park benches, lamp posts, and even statues and trees covered in a cheerful layer of stitches.

Stash is participating in a top-secret mission this summer. We’ve been approached about adding some color and texture to the Corvallis Fall Festival in celebration of their 40th anniversary.  Can’t you just picture the gazebo covered in colorful stripes, park benches wrapped in afghans, and our ballerina statue wearing leg warmers and a crown?

But we cannot do this alone.  We need your talent and time to help make this dream a reality!

from Spud & Chloe.com, copyright Annie Bee

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

  • donate unwanted yarn or finished objects (think scarves, blankets, anything that could wrap or decorate a fixed object)
  • knit or crochet 8 x 8 inch squares and longer strips to donate to the cause
  • volunteer your time to help install the yarn art around Central Park
  • all of the above!

Stash will serve as a collection point for yarn and finished pieces.  Stop by to pick up free yarn to knit or crochet a piece, then drop it back by to get more.  Feel free to use up your own odds and ends of yarn; the more colorful and crazy the combinations, the better.  We will also have a few pieces in progress at the shop, so if you have a few minutes you can sit and work a row or two. Every stitch counts!

This year’s Fall Festival is happening September 22 + 23.  Stash will be coordinating the installation of the finished pieces the evening of September 21st. If you’re interested in helping, please see a Stash Enhancer to get your name on the list.

Remember, this is a Top Secret Mission, and is only to be spoken openly about within the walls of Stash! ; )

Please come into Stash for more details.  Looking for inspiration?  You can view our Yarn Bomb Spectacular board on Pinterest.


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