O For Feet Sake, I’m in Love!

My love affair with The Bar-Maids began back in 2011 when I got my first Lo-Lo bar.  It was love at first sight, really; cute packaging, great ladies behind the product, all natural ingredients, and made in small batches in Washington.  From their website:

Bar-Maids, LLC is a small, socially and environmentally responsible company based in Vancouver, WA. Our strict commitment to quality ensures that you receive only pure and natural products offered in environmentally-friendly, reusable, and recyclable containers.  Our products, made and packaged by hand from a precise combination of natural ingredients (with high organic content), are beneficial for all skin types and ages.

So what’s not to love?  And with scents like Summer Breeze, Bamboo Element, Orange Juice, Vanilla Cake, and even Plain Jane, there’s sure to be something to tempt just about anyone.

I like to keep my small Lo-Lo bar in my knitting bag, within easy reach when I discover a snarly cuticle or dry hands while knitting.  The moisturizer bar smells and feels great, and doesn’t leave a greasy residue.

Here at Stash, we are thrilled to offer you a delicious lineup of hand, lip, and body products sure to make you feel pampered and loved.  In addition to the Lo-Lo Bar moisturizer, we also carry lip balm, cuticle intensive sticks, and the O for FeetSake foot softener.  Our feet could all use a little pampering this time of year, and this stuff is an amazing treat for those tired doggies.  I can just imagine how good it will feel to slather some on come winter, then put on hand-knit socks.  I’ve been using my cuticle intensive stick almost every day since June, and there’s nary a hangnail in sight which is quite unusual for me.

We have a limited supply of free moisturizer samples , so stop in this weekend to claim yours! 


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