A Holiday Knitting Tale

As told by Sonia, Kathryn, and Sydney

With less than a week until the Big Day, we are all in various states of frenzy.  There are inches more to knit, dozens of cookies to be baked, and presents to be bought, wrapped, or shipped. Or perhaps you’re waiting anxiously for that cabled sweater you blocked last week to dry already.  Whatever point you’re at, the fact remains: 3 days till Christmas. Breathe.

We understand how you feel.  We’ve been there, too. 

Let us share our 2012 Holiday Knitting Tales…


I don’t mean to sound too smug, but my Christmas knitting is finished (shields eyes from pointy needles).  That is, if you don’t count the last-minute thought that maybe I could finish a pair of socks I started back in August.  I quickly abandoned that thought as soon as Wool People 4 was released.  At this point, I’m coveting lots of new projects and planning a selfish knitting binge in January.



Fortunately, I kept myself to mostly small projects this Christmas. (I may have started a crocheted blanket for my mom, in a holiday burst of what-the-heck-am-I-thinking, but I talked myself out of that one real quick.) And my little pile of hats and cowls is … mostly … finished! The highlight project was definitely a Slouchy Hat Of Luck And Bravery in woodsy green for a friend who may be asking their significant other an important question during their holiday travels…

Like Sonia, I’ve got a nice long ‘selfish knitting’ stretch planned for January and February. Time to finally invest in a big cozy sweater project, I think. And then I’ll start Christmas 2013’s gift knitting in May or something, so you won’t see me scramble to finish this time next year!



Every year I tell myself I am going to cut down my list. That I will only knit for my close friends, and select members of my immediate family. But for some mystical reason, my list GROWS every year!

This year, I am knitting for 15 people. Yes, 15. How does that happen? After (and during) every project, every hat, mitten, leg warmer, and cowl, I find myself staring at my jumper yarns, my sweater’s worth skeins, nearly drooling at the idea of knitting a sweater. I am definitely a big project type of knitter. Instant gratification knitting does nothing for me. Curse you whoever decided that knitted headbands were “in” this year!! They’re lovely, but now I have six to make. Please, make it stop!


We hope that whatever stage of Holiday Making you are in, you are also taking care to daydream about your own projects for the New Year.  It’s a tradition of mine to cast on a new project on January 1st, something just for me.

Your turn to share!

How do you make for the holidays?  What are looking forward to doing for yourself in January?


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One response to “A Holiday Knitting Tale

  1. Sarah

    I’m all done except for one long sock, which can easily be finished.
    Sob…..did rip out my newly finished cowl as it was big enough for
    two people when completed…….somehow not my visual idea of a cowl……
    so back to scarfs…….although I tire of having to block them after they roll in on the sides, even tried several garter stitches at each end……..
    Everyone have a nice holiday

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