Resolutions for the New Year

With the start of each year, one cannot help but think of new beginnings.  Now more than any other time of year, we feel inspired to make changes, clean slates, and start anew. The energy is ripe for making declarations of grand change!


As crafters, our resolutions often tend to focus on restrictions or limitations.  How many of you have ever gone on stash diets, vowed to knit socks all year, or only work from patterns you already own?  These are just a few of the popular resolutions we’ve heard about.

This year, we’re all trying to focus less on restrictions and more on expanding our horizons, working with beloved materials, and challenging the status quo.

Curious what the Stash Enhancers’ resolutions and goals are for 2013?  Well, let us tell you…

My biggest crafting resolution this year is to dye more blank skeins and get my Etsy store really up and running. I’ve been practicing all sorts of dyeing techniques and playing with color all year, and I think I’m finally ready to start sharing my skeins with other people.  This is surprisingly difficult: I want them all to myself!

For my own knitting, I’m trying to buy fewer single skeins. I’m a sucker for hats and mitts, but I want to start making larger projects, and having nothing but mismatched skeins in my stash is kind of limiting (unless I want to do stripes of epic clown barf proportions). More sweater quantities, please!

Kathryn  DSC_0610

In the past, when I’ve made a crafting New Year’s resolution, I can never seem to stick to them! For example, one year I vowed to knit 1 pair of socks per month for the entire year. I think I knit one pair of socks in January, started a very complicated pair in February and only made it through the first sock!

This year, I’d like my resolutions to be a bit more broad. In 2013, I would like to step outside my comfort zone and attempt some new techniques. In my sewing world, I really want to make an effort to make a few garments besides a simple skirt, and finally finish that queen sized duvet cover I started over the summer!

As far as knitting goes, I really want to knit a fair isle sweater in 2013, but need to become more comfortable with the technique (fair isle accessories, here I come!). I should probably also include another stash reorganization and make a better effort to log my stash on Ravelry!

Liz DSC_0491

In 2013 I’m planning on excavating some deep stash. I’m sure I’m not the only one with several single skeins rolling around that are more than a few years old… Since opening Stash in 2011, I’ve almost exclusively knit with new shop yarn.  This is a dream come true, but it has left my beloved, well-curated home stash a bit neglected.  I did most of my holiday knitting from stash yarn, and it felt really good. I have held onto most of these yarns because I love them, so why not knit with them already?!

So this year I’m going to attempt to cast on a project from deep stash every 4 weeks.  I’ll be doing this along with the Use it or Lose it group on Ravelry.   Along with that, I’d also like to knit a Fair Isle sweater and, like Liz, may work up to that by making some accessories first.  This may help move through some single skeins… That said, I am putting no limitations on acquiring new yarn.

~Sonia DSC_0557

I’ve always had generic New Year’s knitting resolutions – knit only one project at a time, knit more for other people, knit more from yarn I already have (that’s a lost cause), but this year I decided to aim a bit higher. In 2013, I will only be knitting from vintage patterns.

The majority of these will be from the 1930’s-1950’s, but some may be from before. I only have two exceptions: knitting for work and gift knitting. Besides that, all it will be for me is 4-ply wooly jumpers, cloches, and hard-to-read, fragile, old patterns. I am actually rather excited to take this plunge, I have been collecting old patterns all year and now I get to organize who is coming first and what yarns I get to knit! If you want to follow my progress I will be blogging at

~Sydney 009_medium2

Now it’s your turn: do you have any goals, resolutions, or changes you’d like to make in 2013?


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