Stash Flash, part 4!

As you may imagine, working in a LYS has been pretty good (Or bad? Depending on how you look at it!) for my yarn-buying habits. I did some decent destashing before I moved to Oregon two years ago, but now I’m back up to acceptable levels again, especially in single sock skeins (Which, from my New Year’s resolutions blurb, is part of my problem!). While I’ve been knitting on-and-off for almost 15 years (!!), only about 4 of those have been spent cultivating an actual stash and frequenting Ravelry, so I’m still trying to figure out what my best storage and record-keeping options are.


(Right next to the hooch rack, too, just as nature intended.)

…That’s it! I know. Living in about 400 square feet, a cute little Ikea bookshelf is all I can do for my poor stash at the moment. But it’s right by my spot on the couch, and there’s even enough room for my boyfriend to keep some of his skeins on there (He’s not helping re: sock yarn.). I like to keep things set up by color rather than weight, and I think it looks fun that way since it’s all out in the open.


(Some odd skeins, wee WIPs that need some finishing, and some supplies.)


(A box of leftovers and my very special collection of Sanguine Gryphon Little Traveller mini skeins and ends. These will be going into a scrap project soon!)


Also, you may have noticed something, um, different about my stash… have I mentioned that winding yarn is one of my favorite things? It’s nearly impossible for me to resist having a neat stack of little yarn cupcakes on my shelf, and they’re so easy to organize! Whenever I drag the swift and winder out, I know I’m in for a calm evening of winding and sorting. Definitely one of the most useful crafting investments I’ve made.


(A few that haven’t made it to the winder yet.)

Since I had a good excuse to go through my stash tonight, here’s my basket of let-’em-go yarns; may they soon find loving homes. All I have to do now is get my woefully neglected Ravelry stash page updated and I’ll be all set for 2013.


(Anyone need to crochet a banquet-sized table runner??)

And look, I’ve already started a selfish project. 🙂



~ Kathryn


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3 responses to “Stash Flash, part 4!

  1. What stitch is your “selfish project”?

  2. It looked like a honey cowl! What kind of yarn? It’s really pretty.

    If you get desperate for space, you can drink more wine, and then store unwound hanks in the wine rack!

    I love your wound up yarn. Looks great, and is visually easy to pick out. I don’t usually wind until just before casting on.

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