Stash Flash:: Sydney

There are two things you should know about me: I’m an obsessive collector, and I spend way too much money for a college student. You can imagine that this is not a good combination. It just so happens that one of the things that I collect is yarn. I have a problem with going through phases of color with yarn, and end up collecting skein after skein of that certain color, then, when I am ready to finally knit from it, I move on to the next color! It is a vicious cycle that I can’t tear myself from (currently, I am on robin’s egg blue).
We often joke in my dorm building that my room is actually a yarn shop/craft store. But from the photos, you can see that this is not much of a joke… Yes, I have a lot of yarn. But I can’t help it! I love yarn!! My roommate also moved out a few weeks ago, and hating the white, barren wall on her side, I decided to turn it into a crafting station! So really, my room is my own yarn shop/ craft store.
The top right shelf is home to my favorite (shh, don’t tell the other skeins!) yarn babies: Madelinetosh. Yes, that is all madelinetosh. I have my own inventory of my madelinetosh, and mark off when I use a skein so I don’t forget what I’ve used. The two shelves below are mainly miscellaneous sweater quantities. And let me tell you, these shelves have depth; there is yarn behind some of this yarn… I will reiterate: I have a yarn buying problem.
The left side top shelf has a bit of my madelinetosh overflow, and hosts the select knitting books that I brought to college. The shelf below has select Rowan books, and all my vintage and antique pattern books and yarn for vintage knitting! My very favorite thing to collect in the knitting world is vintage patterns. I only started about 8 months ago, but it is growing quickly!DSCN2868
And then, there is my treasured yarn trunk; it was the first place I started stashing yarn. It holds a lot of one skein wonders, and remnant balls or cakes already wound.  You see, the yarn is literally overflowing from the trunk and shelves. I have squeezed it in as best I can, but if I move one skein, there is an avalanche of wool (I’m not complaining).I think this means I need to stop buying yarn for a little while, but knowing myself well, this probably won’t happen. I hope seeing my stash has helped you all feel better about your own stash sizes!




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3 responses to “Stash Flash:: Sydney

  1. Just curious: with all the yarn and craft-like atmosphere, where do you sleep? lol You’re not in a dorm are you?

  2. I love it! makes me feel much better about my stash, but of course mine not quite so nicely organized. But! This does inspire me. Thank you Sydney, lovely dorm room!

  3. Suzanne

    FUN and INSPIRING just like Sydney!

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