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Meet the Samples:: Sugared Violets


Every once in a while, a yarn crosses our threshold that is simple magical.  All of our yarns are beautiful, mind you, so it takes something very special to make us speechless.

When our Spring order of Anzula Cloud arrived, it was all I could do to keep myself from making a nest and curling up for a dream-filled nap in this.  It is soft as kittens and seems to glow from within with luminous, saturated color.


We love the fresh look of the Prince, Paradise, and Clover colorways together.  DSC_0542

We love purple at Stash, so the Sugared Violets shawl in Prince was the obvious choice. Prince is a complex lavender purple, perfect for inviting Spring into your life.  Add a few beads to the lace detail, and you’ve got an extraordinarily special yet wearable shawelette.



A very special thank you to Mary for knitting

 this gorgeous sample for the shop!

You can view more details on our Stash Ravelry page.



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Featured Fiberista:: Erica Swanson of Woven Woods

One of our core beliefs here at Stash is dreaming big and living in your potential. We dream of seeing what a raw material can become, of inhabiting its beauty and seeing into the future toward a different end product. Yarn and fiber are bursting with potential, and can become whatever your heart imagines.

We know we all love yarn. But have you ever loved a goat, alpaca, or sheep before their fiber ever became the yarn you love to work with?

We’ve recently started carrying fiber and hand-spun yarn from a local woman doing just that. She is living her dream of sustainably raising animals and is sharing her process with us here today.


Erica Swanson, proprietor of Woven Woods in Scio, OR, spins unique fiber and defines herself by the quality of her products and the sustainability of her process.

Erica’s holistic process of production reflects her affinity for animals, land, and sustainability. Far from simply taking fiber and transforming it, she starts at the beginning: with her animals. They are lovingly raised, tended, and sheared. Their fur and fleece is carded, spun, hand-dyed, rolled into skeins, and finally makes its way to you. Each skein is one of a kind.

The animals of Woven Woods don’t simply exist for milk, meat, wool, and a means to an end. Each is known by its name and cherished for its quirks. The fiber animals represent life and love, self-sufficiency and the realisation of a dream.


Erica values the promotion of heritage variety plants and animals. Some of the fiber available comes from Navajo-Churro sheep,  a rare breed that once dominated the landscape after its introduction to the American continent in the 16th century. Erica also has Finnsheep and several treasured alpacas. All the animals have plenty of room to roam the Woven Woods and produce excellent quantities of fiber.

The enthusiasm Erica has for her dream work is palpable. Whenever she visits Stash, she is beaming with the energy that comes from working to create something beautiful.  Erica is living in her potential, and we couldn’t be more pleased to host her products at the shop.


You can view some of Erica’s work here at Stash, and online at The Woven Woods.

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Little Knit Sunshine


Strictly Knit Headband

It’s now the middle of February, and much of North America is covered in snow, ice, and grey skies.  For those of us in the Pacific Northwest, we’re lucky to dodge most of the snow, but the days are still cold, wet, and very grey.  In order to make these long winter days a bit more bearable, we take vitamin D, drink copious amounts of rich tea or coffee and, of course, make things with our hands.

This is the time of year when we knitters and crocheters might try to cram in one more hand-made sweater.  Or we may turn to smaller projects that give us a sense of accomplishment (and warmth) to ease the concern of never seeing the sun again.


This flower is knit! It would be charming to knit one in a coordinating color, too.

For us at Stash, we’re doing all of the above.  But there has been a subtle shift in seasonal palettes.  Where we were immersed in rich autumnal tones a few months ago, we are now looking toward bright, soul-cheering colors.  Grassy greens, shimmering pinks, glowing teals,and golden yellows are among some shop favorites right now.

Here’s a quick little project that’s sure to lift your spirits, either in terms of color or quickness to knit (or both!).

The Strictly Knit Headband Earwarmer by Elisa McLaughlin.



Button Alert! Use a sweet fabric covered button, or search your button box for that special button you’ve been saving.

This headband knits up speedily with two strands of Simpliworsted held together. We chose Gold Crest, the color of rich, late afternoon summer sunshine. This yarn is a plump merino/acrylic blend that is machine washable, making it perfect for garments and accessories alike.  And it comes in a delectable range of colors with names like Grape Jelly, Ripe Raspberry, Turkish Coffee, and Silver Hair.

We dare you not to smile while working on and wearing this sweet headband.

What helps you through these deep winter days?  Is it knitting, reading, buying fresh flowers, or quilting?

Please share your habits and tips in the comments!

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Handmade Love

Looking for a quick little hand made gift to give your love this season?  We’ve got an array of eye candy lined up to delight and inspire you.  Tasty little bits of knitting and crochet are sure to satisfy your need for instant gratification.

Enjoy, and remember that WE LOVE YOU!


Amigurumi Love Birds by Lion Brand Yarn.


Heart by Kristin Ledgett @ Knitty.


Valentine’s Day Hearts by Stacey Trock @ FreshStitches.


Heartfelt Rings by Stephanie Dosen @ Tiny Owl Knits.


Sunburst Granny Hearts by Jacquie @ Bunny Mummy.

Looking for more inspiration?

Check out our We Love Hearts board on Pinterest.

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Winter Knit-Along :: The Jeweled Cowl


Well, it’s February again, a month of chilly weather, grey skies, and wavering constitutions.  If you’re like us, you believe in the power of knitting to lift spirits, create beauty, and brighten moods. We’ve come up with a group project worthy of rejoicing and shaking away the doldrums.

The Jeweled Cowl sample has been such a hit this winter, it only seemed sensible to make this cowl the project for our next KAL!

Beads add an irresistible bit of sparkle and shine to help ease the winter blues. Knit in the round, this drapey beauty is stockinette-heavy and easy to size-alter for skinnier scarves or wider, more dramatic stoles. If you’ve been meaning to try beaded knitting, this is an excellent beginner project!

Here are the details:

Pattern: Jeweled Cowl by Sachiko Uemura
Yarny Needs: 400-600 yards of lace weight yarn and size 6-8 24” or 32” circular needles (depending on your gauge and your preferred fabric texture)
Beady Needs: size 8 round seed beads and a size 14 steel crochet hook (tiny!)
Dates: Cast on February 6th, finish by March 20th, Spring Equinox

We have a mini class for knitting with beads using a crochet hook coming up this Sunday 2/10/13 at 1pm. Call or stop by the shop to register.

Ready to cast on?  If you are local, join us this Wednesday for Stitch Night where we can cast on together!  Of course, anyone anywhere is welcome to participate in our Stash knit-alongs.  All you need to do is hop on over to our Ravelry page and join in on the discussion.


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