Little Knit Sunshine


Strictly Knit Headband

It’s now the middle of February, and much of North America is covered in snow, ice, and grey skies.  For those of us in the Pacific Northwest, we’re lucky to dodge most of the snow, but the days are still cold, wet, and very grey.  In order to make these long winter days a bit more bearable, we take vitamin D, drink copious amounts of rich tea or coffee and, of course, make things with our hands.

This is the time of year when we knitters and crocheters might try to cram in one more hand-made sweater.  Or we may turn to smaller projects that give us a sense of accomplishment (and warmth) to ease the concern of never seeing the sun again.


This flower is knit! It would be charming to knit one in a coordinating color, too.

For us at Stash, we’re doing all of the above.  But there has been a subtle shift in seasonal palettes.  Where we were immersed in rich autumnal tones a few months ago, we are now looking toward bright, soul-cheering colors.  Grassy greens, shimmering pinks, glowing teals,and golden yellows are among some shop favorites right now.

Here’s a quick little project that’s sure to lift your spirits, either in terms of color or quickness to knit (or both!).

The Strictly Knit Headband Earwarmer by Elisa McLaughlin.



Button Alert! Use a sweet fabric covered button, or search your button box for that special button you’ve been saving.

This headband knits up speedily with two strands of Simpliworsted held together. We chose Gold Crest, the color of rich, late afternoon summer sunshine. This yarn is a plump merino/acrylic blend that is machine washable, making it perfect for garments and accessories alike.  And it comes in a delectable range of colors with names like Grape Jelly, Ripe Raspberry, Turkish Coffee, and Silver Hair.

We dare you not to smile while working on and wearing this sweet headband.

What helps you through these deep winter days?  Is it knitting, reading, buying fresh flowers, or quilting?

Please share your habits and tips in the comments!


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