Featured Fiberista:: Erica Swanson of Woven Woods

One of our core beliefs here at Stash is dreaming big and living in your potential. We dream of seeing what a raw material can become, of inhabiting its beauty and seeing into the future toward a different end product. Yarn and fiber are bursting with potential, and can become whatever your heart imagines.

We know we all love yarn. But have you ever loved a goat, alpaca, or sheep before their fiber ever became the yarn you love to work with?

We’ve recently started carrying fiber and hand-spun yarn from a local woman doing just that. She is living her dream of sustainably raising animals and is sharing her process with us here today.


Erica Swanson, proprietor of Woven Woods in Scio, OR, spins unique fiber and defines herself by the quality of her products and the sustainability of her process.

Erica’s holistic process of production reflects her affinity for animals, land, and sustainability. Far from simply taking fiber and transforming it, she starts at the beginning: with her animals. They are lovingly raised, tended, and sheared. Their fur and fleece is carded, spun, hand-dyed, rolled into skeins, and finally makes its way to you. Each skein is one of a kind.

The animals of Woven Woods don’t simply exist for milk, meat, wool, and a means to an end. Each is known by its name and cherished for its quirks. The fiber animals represent life and love, self-sufficiency and the realisation of a dream.


Erica values the promotion of heritage variety plants and animals. Some of the fiber available comes from Navajo-Churro sheep,  a rare breed that once dominated the landscape after its introduction to the American continent in the 16th century. Erica also has Finnsheep and several treasured alpacas. All the animals have plenty of room to roam the Woven Woods and produce excellent quantities of fiber.

The enthusiasm Erica has for her dream work is palpable. Whenever she visits Stash, she is beaming with the energy that comes from working to create something beautiful.  Erica is living in her potential, and we couldn’t be more pleased to host her products at the shop.


You can view some of Erica’s work here at Stash, and online at The Woven Woods.


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