Meet the Samples:: Sugared Violets


Every once in a while, a yarn crosses our threshold that is simple magical.  All of our yarns are beautiful, mind you, so it takes something very special to make us speechless.

When our Spring order of Anzula Cloud arrived, it was all I could do to keep myself from making a nest and curling up for a dream-filled nap in this.  It is soft as kittens and seems to glow from within with luminous, saturated color.


We love the fresh look of the Prince, Paradise, and Clover colorways together.  DSC_0542

We love purple at Stash, so the Sugared Violets shawl in Prince was the obvious choice. Prince is a complex lavender purple, perfect for inviting Spring into your life.  Add a few beads to the lace detail, and you’ve got an extraordinarily special yet wearable shawelette.



A very special thank you to Mary for knitting

 this gorgeous sample for the shop!

You can view more details on our Stash Ravelry page.




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3 responses to “Meet the Samples:: Sugared Violets

  1. I absolutely LOVE the door in your photo! The shawl isn’t bad either! 😉

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