Book Review: Cast On, Bind Off

If you’re anything like me, someone taught you a specific way to cast-on and bind-off your knitting. For the first year or so, I only used the Long-Tail Cast-On and the Traditional Bind-Off, since that’s what my Mom taught me for my first knitting project.

Eventually, I came across a pattern that required casting-on stitches while I was knitting using something called backwards loop….say what?! I went to the internet, typed in “backwards loop cast-on” and found some directions. Unless a pattern states otherwise, I still use my trusty Long-Tail Cast-On and the Traditional Bind-Off. Lots of times, though, a pattern calls for a specific type of cast-on or bind-off and I usually have to look it up.

Leslie Ann Bestor has complied 52 methods of cast-ons and bind-offs in this great little book to help you decipher a specific method stated in a pattern or to help you choose the best method for your project:

One of the things I love most about this book is that it’s spiral bound so it lays flat when you open it. There’s nothing worse than trying to hold a book open, look at the pictures, and use 2 needles and some yarn to learn a new technique!

I also love that there’s a table of contents of sorts in both the front and back (on the inside of the cover). The front cover lists all the cast-on methods by type: All-Purpose, Ribbing (moderate stretch), Ribbing (a lot of stretch), End of Row, Super Stretchy (socks, hats, mittens, lace), Decorative, Temporary & Hems, Toe-Up Sock, and Circular (center start). The back cover lists all the bind-off methods in the same manner: All Purpose, Lace, Decorative, Stretchy Ribbed, and Specific Use. It’s incredibly easy to glance and find the page number you need.

Each technique has been photographed from the front, back and edge so you can fully see what it will look like. The photographs are accompanied by the characteristics of the technique and examples of what it’s best used for. The directions are clearly photographed and the text is clear and concise. I used the book for one of my recent projects to do a new-to-me provisional cast-on and will definitely turn to it again and again.

Cast-On, Bind-Off: 54 Step-by-Step Methods,” would be a great addition to any knitter’s library and is small enough to toss in your knitting bag to take with you! We have copies in stock to help round out your knitting library.



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2 responses to “Book Review: Cast On, Bind Off

  1. I just bought this book and I love it. It’s a whole new world out there!

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