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Featured Dyer:: Anzula


Today we are pleased to feature one of our shop favorites, indie dyer Anzula.  Inspired by their upcoming visit to Stash (read on for details), we wanted to take a moment to bask in Anzula’s broad array of colors and get inspired by the story behind the yarn.

Anzula specializes in bringing you luxury fibers. You will find beautifully hand dyed and yarns and spinning fibers carefully selected from the best sources in the world. They are passionate about the crafts of knitting, crocheting, weaving, and spinning their yarns into heirloom works of art to be cherished for a lifetime.



Stash: Can you tell us a little bit more about how Anzula was founded? Sabrina, what inspired you to take the leap into dying yarn as a business?

Anzula: Anzula grew from a hobby, from owner Sabrina Famellos’ love of crocheting and spinning.  She started selling crocheted accessories and handspun yarn at farmers market, and in a yarn shop and a record shop. She then started dyeing the fiber she spun. She spent a couple of years focusing on her career teaching massage, and when the economic downturn came in 2008 and she was laid off, she jumped into dyeing and got a booth at Stitches West selling hand-dyed yarn. It was well received, so she did Stitches South and Sock Summit that year. Encouraged by the interest, she signed up for a booth at TNNA and the yarn was picked up by 14 new shops.



Stash: How do you come up with color stories and choose such interesting base yarns?

Anzula: The colorways that Sabrina creates come from her experience. From snapshots, mood boards, or recollections, she recreates ideas in the fiber. When creating the yarns and fiber, the focus is always on creating an heirloom quality product. She chooses only bases that she would knit with herself, and she also keeps an eye out for special blends.


Stash:  At Stash we believe happiness is living in the potential–what a yarn could become, what a color can make someone feel.  How do you find happiness in the potential?

Anzula:  Potential is Anzula’s playground. Our warehouse is located in downtown Fresno, so our neighborhood itself is full of potential. The team always knows what our goals are, both as individuals and as a company, and we are very aware of what we are capable of achieving. This focus on productivity and goals actually allows us plenty of room for a positive, fun environment, and allows us to bring a lot of joy to our jobs.



Help us celebrate and support Anzula this Friday for their special trunk show event at Stash.

Trunk Show Event Friday 4/26, 11am -2pm

We’re also kicking off our next Crochet & Knit-Along with their yarns on May 1st, so this is the perfect time to see, feel, and experience new colors, bases, and samples in person.  Anyone is welcome to join in the Anzula-Along; simply pop into our Ravelry group to get in on the conversation!

anzulacollageNow it’s your turn to share!  

What is your favorite yarn or color from Anzula? Let us know in the comments below.

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See you Friday!


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Places to Knit…in Corvallis

We made our first You Tube video!

Did you enjoy this video?

Please share it with all your friends, and subscribe to our shiny new You Tube station.  We will be creating more entertaining and educational videos very soon.


The Stash Enhancers

Stash 1 Year Anniversary-1


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Going Vogue :: Our Trip to Seattle



Both our moms came to help us for the weekend





Anna Hrachovec’s Teeny-Tiny Gnomies


Susan B. Anderson’s Topsy Turvy inside-out toys


Jane Richmond stopped by to say hi!


and tried on Liz’s Arbutus knit in Anzula Oasis


Rebecca Danger came to pick up some special books


My mind is still abuzz with memories of all the sights, sounds, textures, faces, and handknits we encountered over the weekend. Vogue Knitting LIVE  Seattle was a truly special event, both for Stash as a shop and for Liz and I as knitters.

Can you imagine anything better than being in a room full of yarn, knitters, and handknits? It was beyond inspiring; we felt like we were with our People, that sacred tribe of wonderful wool-lovers who understand this life we live beyond hobby that we call Knitting.

Our booth was a blast to set up, and we had fun watching people react to it all weekend long. Knitters of all kinds made their way to our booth, and we were lucky enough to have a few of our favorite designers, podcasters, and yarn dyers visit too.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come say hello and check out our wares. We love you!

And an extra-special thank you to our vendors who were game enough to pose for these photos during a busy weekend.


Wendee Shulsen of Hazel Knits


Saremy Duffy of Chicken Boots


Kate + Rachel of Spincyle Yarns


The beautiful team at Churchmouse Yarns + Teas with Jared Flood

Were you at VKLive? What was your favorite part of the experience?  Please let us know what you loved about the event in the comments below!


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The Stash Spring Kindness Project


The Stash Spring Kindness Project is a new project designed to spread kindness and joy through random acts of yarn.

How nice would it feel to be walking down the street and have a smiling stranger hand you a colorful, hand-made flower?  We dream of combining our love of yarn and fun to spread smiles and kindness with this project.


Buy a kit through the shop or use your own stash to knit and crochet flowers from our selection of patterns. Give the flowers + a Kindness Card to someone who needs a smile in your community and spread the Kindness!

Our first batch of Kindness Kits will debut at Vogue Knitting Live in Seattle April 5-7, 2013. Stop by our pop-up shop in Booth #206 to get yours!

After the event, kits and Kindness Cards will be available for sale at Stash.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a local charity.


Buy a kit or work from your own stash using the patterns kindly provided by the designers below.  Then share photos of your kits and flowers using the hashtag #Kindness on Ravelry, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest! We’d love to see your random acts of yarn in the real world!

Follow our Kindness Pinterest board here.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to our generous Kindness Sponsors who got behind the project right from the start.  We couldn’t spread the smiles without you!



Baah! Yarn

Becoming Art

Be Sweet

Dream In Color

Hazel Knits

Knitted Wit

Knit One Crochet Too

Sweet Georgia

The Fibre Company


Pretty Corsage by Heather Walpole

Pretty Little Petals  by Kim of Egg Bird Designs

Pinwheel Flower  by Frankie Brown

Simple Knitted Rose & Leaf by Sarah M. Hughes

 Rose Brooch by Daniela Herbertz

Headband Flower by Lauren Dahl



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Window to the Soul (of a Yarn Shop)


They say that the eyes are the window to one’s soul.  For a store, its eyes are actual windows that show you what that business holds dear.

We love our front window at Stash.  From the outside, it offers a glimpse of the wooly wonders that await you once you enter the shop.  You get a taste of the whimsy and craftiness we adore.  Through these eyes we hope to share that our yarn shop has a soul + a big heart.

Each season we look for inspiration all around us: nature, fashion, interior design, DIY posts, and music; anything goes.  And like the most fervent bout of startitis, the mood strikes suddenly and a new window display is born.

We’ve made it rain yarn, hatched eggs in yarn nests, and yarn bombed a bicycle.  While not every display incorporates merchandise from inside the store, every scene does play with yarn in some way.


This season’s window display was inspired by the freshly blooming crocus and impending new life of early spring.  We saw an image on Pinterest and knew we’d love to give these gigantic tissue paper flowers a try.




As it turns out, not everything you see on the Internet is as easy at it first appears.  Sydney and I were challenged to make these petals have structure while hanging.  It was a fun challenge, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the end result.


Do you have a favorite Stash window? 


Sonia + The Stash Enhancers

p.s. Yarn nests are made with Rasta from Imperial Yarn, one of our favorite Oregeon purveyors of wool.

p.p.s. Want a peek into out sources of inspiration? Follow us as StashLocal on Pinterest!

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