Going Vogue :: Our Trip to Seattle



Both our moms came to help us for the weekend





Anna Hrachovec’s Teeny-Tiny Gnomies


Susan B. Anderson’s Topsy Turvy inside-out toys


Jane Richmond stopped by to say hi!


and tried on Liz’s Arbutus knit in Anzula Oasis


Rebecca Danger came to pick up some special books


My mind is still abuzz with memories of all the sights, sounds, textures, faces, and handknits we encountered over the weekend. Vogue Knitting LIVE  Seattle was a truly special event, both for Stash as a shop and for Liz and I as knitters.

Can you imagine anything better than being in a room full of yarn, knitters, and handknits? It was beyond inspiring; we felt like we were with our People, that sacred tribe of wonderful wool-lovers who understand this life we live beyond hobby that we call Knitting.

Our booth was a blast to set up, and we had fun watching people react to it all weekend long. Knitters of all kinds made their way to our booth, and we were lucky enough to have a few of our favorite designers, podcasters, and yarn dyers visit too.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come say hello and check out our wares. We love you!

And an extra-special thank you to our vendors who were game enough to pose for these photos during a busy weekend.


Wendee Shulsen of Hazel Knits


Saremy Duffy of Chicken Boots


Kate + Rachel of Spincyle Yarns


The beautiful team at Churchmouse Yarns + Teas with Jared Flood

Were you at VKLive? What was your favorite part of the experience?  Please let us know what you loved about the event in the comments below!



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9 responses to “Going Vogue :: Our Trip to Seattle

  1. I would love to chat about the ins and outs of opening a LYS!

  2. Krista

    I was so excited to have been there. I was thrilled when I saw you would have a booth (seeing as I follow you on FB and always drooled over your yarns) so it was of the first ones I visited. I enjoyed chatting up the other yarnies and getting inspired by the wonderful fibers I have not seen ever or at least in person. The fiber world always delivers.

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  4. Terri Cook

    Great classes, inspiring yarns, new friends. It as a great time – and I was so happy to see your booth. It looked great!

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  7. I was there, too! Are you kidding me – picking a favorite part of the Vogue Knitting weekend? The whole two days were surreal, because people stopped me constantly to complement me on my handknit Silverbelle sweater. They even put me on their Facebook website!
    I also loved the angora bunnies. You can read about my experience on my blog:

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