On the Needles :: Rock Island Shawl


This beautiful lace border seems like it will never end. Back and forth it goes, growing longer and longer by the day. Eventually it will become the frame for an even more stunning shawl. Eventually.

There seems to be a tipping point in every project where you feel like you’re making zero progress daily, and then all of a sudden you’ve knit way more than you realized. The challenge is keeping that in mind as you slog along. To enjoy the process, the feel of the yarn as it slides through your fingers, the joy of making something from nothing.

Do you have projects that seem to drag on for ever and ever? Let us know how you cope in the comments below.

Remember to make today amazing!


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4 responses to “On the Needles :: Rock Island Shawl

  1. I am working on a center out afghan. And it’s going to be HUGE, lol. I’m using yarn to create an ombré effect so the color changes keep me motivated. But that’s about all that keeps me going.

  2. Krista

    Ive been working on Jared Flood’s Guernsey Wrap FOREVER… Its not that its particularly difficult. Its just I fit down some nights to work on it and it seems to not get any longer. I am on the last half and just have to remind myself each block of pattern is only about 20 rows and thats 20 more rows I don’t have to do tomorrow night!

  3. Funny you should post this, because I’m knitting the Rock Island Shawl *right now* and I’m feeling the exact same thing! I just finished the border, and have picked up my body stitches.

    Luckily, though, this is the second time I’ve knit this shawl. So, I can reflect back on the first experience and remember how quickly it goes after the lace section of the body. Once that part is done, the shawl is basically complete 🙂 Well…sort of!

    After knitting it the first time, I realized that I much prefer to start with the long side of any shawl, so that every row after that is shorter and shorter and shorter….

    And, of course, the end results are TOTALLY worth it!

  4. Susan

    I’m working on Twice Born by the Female Dragon. Am nearing 500 stitches now…each row takes forever. But, I love the shawl!

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