Inspiration Hunting :: A Confession.


I’m about to tell you something I don’t talk about very often.  It may be a bit controversial, but it has to be said.

Opening a yarn shop has really cut into my knitting time.

Imagine immersing yourself in the world of fiber arts, a world you’re already spending most of your free time in.  You obsess over patterns, yarn, colors, and tools, playing and dreaming up the perfect combinations.  Your heart feels light and your mind inspired when you pick up the needles to being a new project.

Soon your dream starts to grow and you imagine filling the shelves of an empty store with just the right materials.  Yarns you know and love, as well as new-to-you colors and textures swirl in your mind.

One day you find an empty retail space and your dream quickly proceeds into reality and it is amazing.


But there’s a dark side.  A side people in the industry rarely admit to.

Sometimes when you’re living your dream, you stop dreaming.

What once was nothing but pure joy has changed.  Sometimes knitting feels like work.  Not all the time, but in small ways.  Yarn can become a widget if you’re not careful.

It’s a continual challenge to stay inspired, to not let the dream be replaced by rote repetition and paperwork.  It is so important to keep dreaming, to feed the dream you imagined with new ideas, people, and adventures.


Our mission at Stash is to cultivate an inspired knitting community.  We actively hunt and gather the most beautiful and unique collection of inspiration for our tribe (psst…that’s you).  But it’s also important that we work to stay actively inspired ourselves.

To that end, we are working on an all new lineup of classes and events that we’re super excited to take ourselves!  We’re also taking Stash Enhancer field trips, dreaming up new yarn + pattern combinations for fall samples, eating a lot of ice cream, and working on other big new projects.

We’re so thankful that you’re along for the ride.  YOU are a continued source of inspiration and love, and we wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you.

As a maker, how do you stay inspired? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!




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8 responses to “Inspiration Hunting :: A Confession.

  1. Barbara Bailey

    Your post reminded me of my days teaching skiing. I thought it would be so wonderful to be up on the mountain all of the time. Truth was, I was stuck on the bunny slope teaching kids a lot of the time, watching my friends whizz by.
    How did I deal with it? Over time, I stopped spending all my time teaching the child “pre-skiiers” and got to teach more experienced people. And some of them taught me a few things. The other thing I did was make sure that I left enough time in the week to ski on my own.
    As a small business owner, you may not initially have the time (or, more to the point, the money) to just set some time aside for yourself. But this will change over time.

  2. Kat

    I haven’t been able to visit your store (yet) but I found your booth at Vogue Knitting very inspirational! I find events like that to be quite the recharge for my knitting inspiration. Good luck finding yours and keeping it!

  3. Kelly

    I work as a scientist now but my family always thought I would be an artist — that was my passion. When I was a student, I worked as a professional illustrator. I was offered a full time position with a publisher with a great salary when I graduated. To my father’s dismay, I turned it down and went to grad school instead. By getting paid and given tasks, I had lost my much needed emotional outlet and I knew that I couldn’t sustain that for a lifetime. I don’t have any advice since my solution was to run (to something I am happy with getting paid to be passionate about). That said, I find creative energy when I work somewhere different from my usual surroundings so your field trips (and ice cream) sound like just the ticket!

  4. The yin/yang of business and art making hits all of us. As a potter I sometimes just have to set aside a day to play. Pick up a lump of a different kind of clay than I normally use and just squish it around and see what happens. No goals allowed. Great post and a reminder that we need to seek our inspiration sometimes, not just wait for us to hit us.

  5. Renee Smith

    Your post hits home as I had a hobby, made it a small business, lost my passion for the hobby, stopped my business. My business and hobby took lots of equipment and paper that you had to take with you~ not very portable. I actually turned back to knitting just for the fun. It seems like you are heading back in the right direction- admitting it to your friends is the first part of getting your knitting mojo back! Also seeking out other places for inspiration like shops, nature, pinterest and your knitting buddies! Plus, eating ice cream can’t hurt either! You are a joy!

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