New Gallery Exhibit :: Miriam Morrissette




If you’ve been in the shop in the last few days, you’ve likely noticed some dramatic new artwork on display.

We are pleased to be hosting the paintings of local artist Miriam Morrissette for the month of August. Miriam is a delightful young woman who is not only a talented painter, but an exceptional knitter as well!

Here Miriam explains her intentions behind these pieces:

This show at Stash entitled “Emotional Wave” is a culmination of work from the past two years. As a person with Aspergers syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder, I have trouble expressing my emotions verbally, and am often unaware of them.

I decided two years ago to start exploring my emotions in paint and my goal ever since has been to convey various emotions through color, line, and shape. I believe that this has helped me to recognize my emotions better and has been truly profound experience to see how others responded to them.

I am often asked if the “Round object” in my painting is an eye and I think that it should be up to the viewer to decide what it is and how it fits into the various scenes I put it in.

I love texture and the tactile experience and try to bring this to my paintings by layering paint, scraping, and through use of various palette knifes to create a tactile experience for the viewer.

I hope to inspire the viewer to slow down and internalize their own emotions a little bit more in the fast past world that we live in and just be.


Emotional Wave 

a Reception with Miriam Morrissette

August 17th, 2013

12-2pm at Stash

Join us for some tasty treats and a chat with a local artist!


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