It’s Just Knitting! Or is it…



Every so often, a knitter walks through the doors of Stash, and she is terrified.

She is a competent knitter, but somewhere along the way she learned not to trust her instincts, to second guess herself, and to question everything about a pattern. She looks to us with pleading eyes, seeking permission, reassurance, and sometimes even step-by-step advice so that she can continue on.

We’re here to help, of course (and we have classes for these sorts of moments).  We want to reach new heights in our knitting, and getting through the tough parts is part of the adventure.  Yet I can’t help but wonder why the stakes are so high for some knitters.

It’s just knitting, after all! 



And that’s the thing, I think, that seems to create a divide. For some of us, it’s just knitting: an activity to enjoy, play with, and feel challenged by. It’s nothing to get so upset over. It’s yarn. You can pull it out and start again!

That said, knitting can certainly be an emotional endeavor.  We are putting our time and emotions into each stitch, and that naturally creates a loaded situation.  For me, knitting is often the thing I turn to for comfort and a sense of control when other parts of my life feel hectic or upsetting.  I can create something from nothing, and more often than not it is beautiful.

Knitting can be challenging, for sure, and that’s part of the fun.  But unpleasant, confidence-shattering, endlessly frustrating?  No. Life’s too short for your hobbies not to be insanely fun.

Whenever I meet someone who’s not having fun with her knitting, I just want to hug her and tell her to start a new project.  A really, really fun one.

Is there a technique or situation in knitting that scares you?  Is it just yarn to you? We’d love to continue the conversation in the comments below!

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3 responses to “It’s Just Knitting! Or is it…

  1. Linda Gaylord

    I can go either way.just reading entrelac instructions boggles my brainpan,so I can’t yet imagine myself actually doing it.steeking gives me the willies,but since I only just started doing fair isle,it will be a great while before I attempt it.(and it is more tangling my knitting in a sewing machine than taking scissors to it that frightens me.I’ll crochet my steeks because I despise sewing machines…)I’ve managed to complete 90% of the projects I’ve started,and I am almost a completely self-taught knitter(grandma got me started as a child with the basics.took it back up as a young mother and figured out how to actually make things with yarn by myself.)I’ve got enough confidence in my skills to adapt and change simple small projects to suite my needs and desires.and if something is not working out,I rip it out no problem.I look forward to a challenge,but I have to be up to it.I love lace,but so far I have kept it small.the next leap I’m about to take is to complete a lace shawl.and as I don’t know any experts personally,I’m on my own(with help from books and you tube).wish me luck…

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