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A Wonderful, Wooly Time




Rock Island in Sweet Georgia’s merino silk lace

Our second trip to the Black Sheep Gathering was a lot different than the first.  This time we knew a little bit more of what to expect from the experience, and were able to adjust accordingly.  Pack snacks and antihistamine (all that hay from the sheep barn!).  Focus on indie dyers.  Bring lots of patterns for our samples.  You know, the basics.  But we’re perfecting this whole taking Stash on the road thing, and it is getting easier!

Black Sheep is right in our backyard, which makes this show all the more fun.  We got to see a lot of familiar faces and meet plenty of new ones.  A special thanks to listeners of The Knitmore Girls podcast who came to the shop and our booth!  After a show like this we all come home feeling pleasantly exhausted and full of inspiration.




We had a special order of Sincere Sheep‘s Treble yarn dyed up especially for the show.  Made by hand in the Napa Valley using natural dyes, this yarn is truly something special.  We are in love with Brooke’s soft yet saturated hues and the feel of this 100% superwash merino.  This yarn is at Stash for a limited time only, so if you’re eyeing a skein you better act fast!

Were you at Black Sheep this year?  What is your favorite part of attending a fiber festival?  Let us know in the comments.  We love hearing from you!


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Baah, Baah, Black Sheep!



Last year we had an absolute blast creating, stocking, and meeting knitters and spinners in our booth at Black Sheep Gathering.  So much fun in fact, that we’re doing it again!

We’re bringing a few special treats exclusive to the show, so be sure to stop by the booth and say hi!

Our brick & mortar shop will be open regular hours all weekend.  So if you’re in town for BSG, consider making the short journey to Corvallis, too!


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WWKIP with Stash

Worldwide Knit in Public Week starts today!!!


Picture this: sunshine, knitting with food and friends, cheering on a local softball team.

Sound like fun? Excellent!

For the 2nd year in a row Stash has co-sponsored the most lovely softball team in all the land. These ladies know how to have fun, and they’re pretty darn good softball player too.  Last year they were even division champions!

Join us as we cheer on the Stash/Flat Tail team in person at their game while also celebrating Worldwide Knit in Public week.

The knitty gritty:
When: Tuesday June 11, 7-9pm
Where: Sunset Park softball field (4567 SW Country Club Dr. Corvallis, OR)

  • There are some bleachers and a grassy area for seating. Plan on bringing your own chair or blanket, snacks, and plenty of yarn.
  • There are nice bathrooms, a picnic shelter, and a play structure; feel free to bring the whole family!
  • The team has pink t-shirts, so it would be fun if you wore pink or red/aqua for Stash. They also do theme nights for their games and are planning their own knit night for this game! Hopefully it’s not too hot…

If you’re on Facebook, please head on over to our Facebook Event Page and RSVP to the event so we know how many people to expect!

How do you plan on coming out as a knitter or crocheter this week?


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Going Vogue :: Our Trip to Seattle



Both our moms came to help us for the weekend





Anna Hrachovec’s Teeny-Tiny Gnomies


Susan B. Anderson’s Topsy Turvy inside-out toys


Jane Richmond stopped by to say hi!


and tried on Liz’s Arbutus knit in Anzula Oasis


Rebecca Danger came to pick up some special books


My mind is still abuzz with memories of all the sights, sounds, textures, faces, and handknits we encountered over the weekend. Vogue Knitting LIVE  Seattle was a truly special event, both for Stash as a shop and for Liz and I as knitters.

Can you imagine anything better than being in a room full of yarn, knitters, and handknits? It was beyond inspiring; we felt like we were with our People, that sacred tribe of wonderful wool-lovers who understand this life we live beyond hobby that we call Knitting.

Our booth was a blast to set up, and we had fun watching people react to it all weekend long. Knitters of all kinds made their way to our booth, and we were lucky enough to have a few of our favorite designers, podcasters, and yarn dyers visit too.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come say hello and check out our wares. We love you!

And an extra-special thank you to our vendors who were game enough to pose for these photos during a busy weekend.


Wendee Shulsen of Hazel Knits


Saremy Duffy of Chicken Boots


Kate + Rachel of Spincyle Yarns


The beautiful team at Churchmouse Yarns + Teas with Jared Flood

Were you at VKLive? What was your favorite part of the experience?  Please let us know what you loved about the event in the comments below!


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Secret Mission: Revealed

We met under the cover of darkness to install thousands of yards of hand knit and crochet pieces around the park. Most of it had been made by local crafters specifically for the purpose of yarn bombing our fair city’s annual Fall Festival. Other pieces were gleaned from Goodwill, deep storage, or that inevitable pile of projects gone wrong.

There was an energy in the air that night as we donned our matching Bomb Squad tees and outfitted ourselves with the tools we would need for the task: scissors, yarn, step ladders, and the biggest helper of all: zip ties.

We headed off with a mass of wool and acrylic-blend FOs, ready to spread our particular kind of crafty cheer. It was nearly silent, with the occasional cry of “Knit purl! Knit purl!” (our impromptu club cry) piercing the darkness.

I had so much fun that night, and even more fun the next day as word spread of our activities. Walking through a crowded festival and spotting a cheerful piece of crochet hugging a tree, or a ballerina outfitted in woolens is a delightful treat. It even made the paper!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this project come to life.  You know who you are!


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Mission: IncogKnito Caper


Continue reading only if you are willing to accept a Top Secret Mission.


As aggressive as the title may sound, Yarn Bombing is a cheerful and peaceful act of yarn art. Everyday objects become works of temporary wooly art when covered in hand-knit and crochet fabric. Imagine bike racks, park benches, lamp posts, and even statues and trees covered in a cheerful layer of stitches.

Stash is participating in a top-secret mission this summer. We’ve been approached about adding some color and texture to the Corvallis Fall Festival in celebration of their 40th anniversary.  Can’t you just picture the gazebo covered in colorful stripes, park benches wrapped in afghans, and our ballerina statue wearing leg warmers and a crown?

But we cannot do this alone.  We need your talent and time to help make this dream a reality!

from Spud &, copyright Annie Bee

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

  • donate unwanted yarn or finished objects (think scarves, blankets, anything that could wrap or decorate a fixed object)
  • knit or crochet 8 x 8 inch squares and longer strips to donate to the cause
  • volunteer your time to help install the yarn art around Central Park
  • all of the above!

Stash will serve as a collection point for yarn and finished pieces.  Stop by to pick up free yarn to knit or crochet a piece, then drop it back by to get more.  Feel free to use up your own odds and ends of yarn; the more colorful and crazy the combinations, the better.  We will also have a few pieces in progress at the shop, so if you have a few minutes you can sit and work a row or two. Every stitch counts!

This year’s Fall Festival is happening September 22 + 23.  Stash will be coordinating the installation of the finished pieces the evening of September 21st. If you’re interested in helping, please see a Stash Enhancer to get your name on the list.

Remember, this is a Top Secret Mission, and is only to be spoken openly about within the walls of Stash! ; )

Please come into Stash for more details.  Looking for inspiration?  You can view our Yarn Bomb Spectacular board on Pinterest.

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Baa Baa Black Sheep

It’s taken a few days for the fiber to settle and to process all the goodness that was Black Sheep Gathering.  Stash hosted our first-ever fiber festival booth, and it was a hoot! A busy, lesson-learning, inspiring, and fun weekend to be sure.

When we got to the space on Thursday there was literally nothing there but a table! Setting up the layout of the booth was challenging and fun, and I give serious props to all the vendors who have an inspiring set-up at these kinds of shows. It’s not easy!

We chose to highlight the best of what Stash has to offer in store and packed up some local treasures from indie dyers, spinners, and local companies like Imperial Yarn, Abstract Fiber, Huckleberry Knits, Three Fates Yarns, Hazel Knits, Knitted Wit, Becoming Art, Pigeonroof Studios, and more.

Throughout the weekend we chatted with a ton of friends, old and new. It was wonderful to see some finished Stash knits in the wild, and a real thrill to see people so excited about our booth. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello!

One of the most fun things for me about attending fiber festivals is the sheer volume of beautiful hand knits walking around. Stunning shawls, sweaters, and other accessories abound, and Liz and I both left with a long list of projects we’d like to knit.  As a knitter I  feed off of that kind of inspiration

Were you at Black Sheep? Let us know in the comments what your favorite part of the show was!

Happy stitching this weekend!

xoxo Sonia


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