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Places to Knit…in Corvallis

We made our first You Tube video!

Did you enjoy this video?

Please share it with all your friends, and subscribe to our shiny new You Tube station.  We will be creating more entertaining and educational videos very soon.


The Stash Enhancers

Stash 1 Year Anniversary-1



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Lee Meredith Coming to Stash!

We have a very special guest coming to Stitch Night in a couple of weeks.  Lee Meredith (aka Leethal) will be here with a trunk show of her fabulous designs!

Meet + Greet with Lee Meredith

November 14th, 5-8 pm at Stash  

Wobble Bass Hat  (photo from Ravelry pattern page)

A little bit about Lee, from her website:

Lee is a maker of things, doer of stuff living in Portland, Oregon, with a main focus on designing original hand-knit accessories. She spends her time writing, designing, making, teaching, spinning, photographing, brainstorming, and creating. With a background in photography and art, and a love of color, puzzles, and experimentation, she brings all these elements into her creative work, as well as into her writing on her blog, do stuff!

Lee has designed a variety of accessory patterns including hats, shawls, fingerless mitts, scarves and cowls. One of my favorite things about Lee’s patterns (besides the fact that they’re just plain awesome) is that they’re all completely customizable. Her patterns allow you to use any gauge yarn you’d like and guide you through the steps to make it just right.

Parallel Lines (photo from Ravelry pattern page) would be a great pattern for self striping yarns or little bits of leftovers! 

Lee’s patterns are  fun and original and many of them have an innovative and interesting construction. They’re also packed with great information and tutorials to help you learn any new techniques you may need for the pattern.

Freewheelin’ (photo from Ravelry pattern page) Gorgeous cables + contrasting edge.

The Either/Or (photo from Ravelry pattern page) mitts are part of an e-book called Remixed.

Well, I could go on and on about all the fun and interesting patterns designed by Lee…but how about you just come meet Lee and see for yourself? You can try on her innovative designs and perhaps start a new project at Stitch Night!

Mark your calendar now:

Meet & Greet with Lee Meredith 

November 14th, 5-8 pm at Stash  

Lee also has a Mystery-KAL going on right now…extra brownie points to anyone who brings a finished shawl from the MKAL!

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Anniversary Bash a Smash Hit!

For an entire week leading up to our 1st Anniversary Bash, I had butterflies in my stomach. It was almost as if the shop was opening for the first time all over again.  I was convinced no one would come, and was worried that I’d have to eat all the cupcakes by myself (not that that’s a problem, really).

Turns out I didn’t need to worry!

You showed up by the dozens, and embraced us all with warmth, gratitude, and enthusiasm.  It was an amazing night, and my heart was so full afterward.  Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us; this place couldn’t thrive without you!

It means the world to know that you like what we’re doing here at Stash.  We will continue to provide the most beautiful and luxurious yarns we can find and serve them up in a fun, inviting atmosphere.

Our Anniversary Contest also went really well.  You are a talented bunch of stitchers!  We used a random number generator to pick a winner, and Ashley was our lucky knitter!  She made the blue sweater on the adorable little boy below.

We put together a little collage of just a few of the projects you completed in our first year.  Enjoy!

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Secret Mission: Revealed

We met under the cover of darkness to install thousands of yards of hand knit and crochet pieces around the park. Most of it had been made by local crafters specifically for the purpose of yarn bombing our fair city’s annual Fall Festival. Other pieces were gleaned from Goodwill, deep storage, or that inevitable pile of projects gone wrong.

There was an energy in the air that night as we donned our matching Bomb Squad tees and outfitted ourselves with the tools we would need for the task: scissors, yarn, step ladders, and the biggest helper of all: zip ties.

We headed off with a mass of wool and acrylic-blend FOs, ready to spread our particular kind of crafty cheer. It was nearly silent, with the occasional cry of “Knit purl! Knit purl!” (our impromptu club cry) piercing the darkness.

I had so much fun that night, and even more fun the next day as word spread of our activities. Walking through a crowded festival and spotting a cheerful piece of crochet hugging a tree, or a ballerina outfitted in woolens is a delightful treat. It even made the paper!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this project come to life.  You know who you are!


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Wrap-up of Summer CKAL

It is nearly the end of July which means our summer crochet and knitalong will be ending.  If you are not done with your top, not to worry!  The fun of a CKAL is to have support from others who are knitting the same thing as you are, not to finish by a deadline.  With that said, here is a round up of finished and almost finished Spring Garden Tees (both little girl and adult sizes) knit by us and our customers (photos are by the respective knitter):

Kathy’s lovely chartreuse Tee


Almost finished child’s tee by Lois  (And then she’s got one more to go for twins!  Go Lois!)


Liz’s Spring Garden Tee in a beautiful teal


Knit by Rachel for her daughter, a charming pink version


And my vibrant fuchsia version, knit for my daughter


Fantastic job everyone!

For those of you still working away on your tops, don’t give up!  Bring them to knit night and we’ll cheer you on or lend a hand if needed.  Once you’re done, post a photo of your completed top in the Summer KAL thread on Ravelry.  We all want to see them!

Next up:  The Fall KAL.  Stay tuned for details!


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Dear Brenda,

Not long after I first learned to knit and had been consumed by the knitting bug, I started listening to knitting podcasts. I was very much in the “All knitting all the time” mindset, and meeting up with my new knitting friends once a week just wasn’t cutting it. I needed more!

It was about this time that a friend suggested I listen to Cast On. I took her recommendation to heart and was instantly hooked. I went on a podcast bender, catching up on past episodes while I knit, folded laundry, walked the dog, and painted almost every room of a house. That’s a lot of Brenda, and I’m still an enthusiastic subscriber!

Started in 2005, Brenda Dayne’s podcast was one of the first high-quality knitting podcasts on the market. With her trademark voice, wit and wisdom, Brenda quickly made a name for herself in the knitting world and now has over 2 million subscribers!  I tune in for quality essays and insights about knitting, her segment Today’s Sweater, in which she recounts the history of one of her hand-knits, and the stories about her adopted homeland of Wales.

Here at Stash we are honored that Brenda added us to her list of destinations for her first-ever North American tour. With such yarn behemoths as Webs and the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in her tour’s wake, this little shop is truly humbled.  She’ll be at one of my personal favorite shops in San Fransisco, A Verb for Keeping Warm, this weekend, so stop by if you’re in the area.

We hope that whether you’ve heard Cast On before or not you will stop by the shop next Saturday June 16th to meet Brenda. Let’s help show Brenda what amazing fiber enthusiasts we have in Corvallis!

Saturday June 16th

Toe-Up Sock Class 1-4pm  

  • There are only a couple of spots left, so please get in touch asap to pre-register. (541) 753-YARN

Meet + Greet, 5-7 pm

Happy Knitting!




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Summer CKAL: Ready, set, go!

Summer CKAL begins today!

Are you ready?!  Have you swatched yet?

The start of my swatch, done in the round

Back of the swatch where the yarn is carried across and will eventually be cut before measuring gauge.

Today is the day we cast on for our Spring Garden Tees or Sea Breeze Tops, and in roughly 8 weeks (by the end of July) we, or the little girls in our lives, should have a lovely hand knit top to wear to the Farmer’s Market, or the park, or even eating ice cream!  (Because it WILL be warm enough by then.)

I’ve been checking out all the FO’s on Ravelry for our two tops.

The Spring Garden Tee adult version has some fantastic modification inspiration:

Sea Breeze Top mods that I love:

So what do you all think?  Going to knit the pattern as written, or add your own personal style?

Just to remind everyone, there is a thread for the CKAL on Ravelry called Summer KAL.  This is where we can share our projects, ask questions, help each other, and offer encouragement.  Jump in and join the fun!

– Cinnamon

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