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Cooperative Press Trunk Show at Stash





Ever dreamt of taking matters into your own hands and publishing your own knitting patterns? What about starting a publishing company?

Cooperative Press was created “to reflect the relationships we have developed with authors working on books.” Shannon Okey, who acquired the business and is responsible for the renaming, rebranding, and forward vision of the company has this to say about the business:

We work together [with authors] to put out the best quality books we can, and share in the proceeds accordingly.  Although working with traditional, large publishers can be very rewarding, there are some books that fly under their radar. They’re too avant-garde, or the marketing department doesn’t know how to sell them, or they don’t think they’ll sell 50,000 copies in a year.

5,000 or 50,000. Does the book matter to that 5,000? Then it should be published. 

We lead, we don’t follow.

We love that statement so much!  If you’re as intruiged by Cooperative Press as we are, please venture over to Stash this weekend for an exclusive trunk show of over 2 dozen titles.


Why shop for books at a trunkshow? Easy:

  1. you get to touch and flip through all the books.
  2. you’ll get a free digital copy with each print copy (this only happens when you buy in-store!)
  3. you’re supporting & a great indie press and your local yarn store.
  4. it’s FUN!

We will have the books on display at the shop this Saturday and Sunday from 12-4 each day. We will be taking book orders all weekend, which means you will get the book + a digital copy with no shipping!

Click here to check out Cooperative Press’s amazing selection of diverse knitting books.  Pick your favorites to order, and you may be able to walk away with a copy this weekend, too!

See you this weekend!


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Hot off the Presses: New Books!

Some gorgeous and inspiring new books just hit the shelves here at Stash! We’ve also replenished our supply of Botanical Knits (review here). These are all wonderful in their own way, so let’s get to it and take a peek inside the pages!

Fit to Flatter by Amy Herzog

Knit to Flatter Collage

Amy Herzog’s  Fit to Flatter blog series was immediately a huge hit in the knitting world when she wrote it in 2010. Soon after releasing the tutorials, she started offering classes at yarn shops teaching knitters how to determine their body shape and create well-fitting sweaters. Earlier this year she released the hugely anticipated book, Knit to Flatter, which includes all of the incredibly useful information from her blog series plus a whole lot more!

If you’ve ever struggled to figure out what what style sweaters will flatter your figure, this is the book for you. Amy first gives instructions on how to determine your shape and then has a chapter on each shape category. These chapters give the knitter ideas about what will look great as well as things to avoid. Plus, there are patterns specifically tailored to each shape included in the chapter! There are 21 designs in all; truly something for everyone. The final chapter of the book is all about figuring out what modifications need to be made to a design to achieve a sweater that fits (that thing we strive for every time we cast-on for a sweater!).

Fit to Flatter was a huge hit at Black Sheep Gathering, so we’re planning another order! **Our stash of books is going fast! If you’d like to pre-order a copy, stop into the shop before July 15th to place a special order. As per shop policy, 50% of the purchase price is required to be placed on the special order list. Fit to Flatter retails for $24.95.**

Island by Jane Richmond

Island Collage

Island is Jane Richmond‘s first self-published pattern collection which is inspired by Vancouver Island. Island features 5 gorgeous patterns which are all done in Jane’s classic style. One of the things I love most about these patterns is that they really let the yarn shine. None of the designs are too fussy and have just the right amount of lace or cables. The patterns are beautifully photographed and will make you want to pack your bags and go visit Vancouver Island! Pick your favorite skein of DK weight yarn to knit Arbutus or grab that sweater quantity of hand-dyed sock yarn and cast-on for Grace!

Pacific Knits by Emily Wessel & Alexa Ludeman

Island Collage

Also inspired by life on the west coast of Canada are the ladies of Tin Can Knits! Pacific Knits is a collection of 18 patterns ranging from small accessories to sweaters for the whole family! One of my favorite features of this book is that all of the sweater patterns have a huge size range. Each sweater includes 15 different sizes ranging from 0-12 months to 4XL.

I love that I can pick up this book and find the perfect project to meet my knitting mood. In the mood for instant gratification? Try Main Street. In the mood for some fair isle knitting? Give North Shore a shot (confession: it is Stash Enhancer Liz’s dream to knit this sweater in Hazel Knits DK). Need a sweater for your loved ones? There’s Antler, Campfire, Low Tide, North Shore, and Urban Hiker. Stash Enhancers Liz and Kathryn have already knit the Antler Sweater and Kathryn’s is a shop sample knit in Dream in Color Classy:

antler collage

Antler is such a sweet little sweater knit with Dream in Color Classy’s colorway Morning Dove. The darling wooden buttons are from the collection of Wooly Moss Roots we have at the shop. We are also stocking the single print patterns for Antler!

Knit with Me by Gudrun Johnston

Knit with Me Sweaters

Knit with Me by Gudrun Johnston is a truly unique book. Many “mother-daughter” books offer patterns for woman and small children, but Gudrun has taken the theme to a new level. Knit with Me includes 7 sweaters and 5 accessories with sizes for teenagers and adults. Most of the garments have a range of sizes from a 30″-50 or 55″ chest circumference. Gudrun was inspired to put together this collection after her daughter had finished her very first knit sweater. She knit the same sweater as her daughter as moral support. The book includes a perfect pattern for the teen in your life to knit her first sweater. Granny Smith (also known as the Beginner Sweater) is a seamless top-down raglan style sweater with simple yarn-over increases. Even if you don’t have a teenager daughter or a teen in your life to knit for, this book is full of beautiful sweater patterns and fun accessories to knit for yourself!

Knit with Me Accessories

Fun Accessories from Knit with Me

Stop into Stash, check out these books and get inspired! What will you cast on for first?

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Hot Off the Presses: New Books and Magazines!


A few gorgeous new books and magazines have arrived here at Stash over the last couple of weeks! All the Stash Enhancers are incredibly excited about them, and our Chief Stash Enhancer even makes an appearance inside the pages of one!

Botanical Knits

Bontanical Knits Collage

Botanical Knits is the eagerly anticipated, self-published book by Alana Dakos. The book features foliage-inspired patterns including 4 beautiful sweaters and 8 accessories. Botanical Knits has gorgeous photography, beautiful patterns, and some fun little details that really make the book special. The table of contents not only lists the pattern names with page numbers, but also has photographs of all the patterns with the page number next to them. A small detail that makes it incredibly easy to find the pattern you are looking for at a quick glance. Each pattern contains several photos of the project, a schematic, and detailed knitting instructions. There are also beautiful illustrations (by Neesha Hudson) of leaves and foliage throughout the book. It’s hard to flip through Botanical Knits and not be inspired to grab some needles and yarn and cast-on for one (or all) of the beautiful patterns immediately!

Pom Pom Quarterly


It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Pom Pom Quarterly here at Stash. And yes, that is Sonia, our Chief Stash Enhancer, gracing the pages of Pom Pom’s First Anniversary issue! The Summer 2013 issue includes 7 gorgeous patterns, a s’mores brownie recipe (yum!) and a few fun articles. I’m particularly smitten with the Riverine Pullover and Mountain Moss Shawl.

Knitscene Accessories

Knitscene Collage

The newest issue of Knitscene is packed with 33 gorgeous accessory patterns ranging from simple hats to complicated colorwork mitts and cowls. These would be perfect projects to work on as the weather gets warm or while traveling, since they’re small and portable. Also included are a few great articles on embellishments and fun edging ideas.

Which patterns are catching your eye? 

Happy Crafting!


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Book Review: Cast On, Bind Off

If you’re anything like me, someone taught you a specific way to cast-on and bind-off your knitting. For the first year or so, I only used the Long-Tail Cast-On and the Traditional Bind-Off, since that’s what my Mom taught me for my first knitting project.

Eventually, I came across a pattern that required casting-on stitches while I was knitting using something called backwards loop….say what?! I went to the internet, typed in “backwards loop cast-on” and found some directions. Unless a pattern states otherwise, I still use my trusty Long-Tail Cast-On and the Traditional Bind-Off. Lots of times, though, a pattern calls for a specific type of cast-on or bind-off and I usually have to look it up.

Leslie Ann Bestor has complied 52 methods of cast-ons and bind-offs in this great little book to help you decipher a specific method stated in a pattern or to help you choose the best method for your project:

One of the things I love most about this book is that it’s spiral bound so it lays flat when you open it. There’s nothing worse than trying to hold a book open, look at the pictures, and use 2 needles and some yarn to learn a new technique!

I also love that there’s a table of contents of sorts in both the front and back (on the inside of the cover). The front cover lists all the cast-on methods by type: All-Purpose, Ribbing (moderate stretch), Ribbing (a lot of stretch), End of Row, Super Stretchy (socks, hats, mittens, lace), Decorative, Temporary & Hems, Toe-Up Sock, and Circular (center start). The back cover lists all the bind-off methods in the same manner: All Purpose, Lace, Decorative, Stretchy Ribbed, and Specific Use. It’s incredibly easy to glance and find the page number you need.

Each technique has been photographed from the front, back and edge so you can fully see what it will look like. The photographs are accompanied by the characteristics of the technique and examples of what it’s best used for. The directions are clearly photographed and the text is clear and concise. I used the book for one of my recent projects to do a new-to-me provisional cast-on and will definitely turn to it again and again.

Cast-On, Bind-Off: 54 Step-by-Step Methods,” would be a great addition to any knitter’s library and is small enough to toss in your knitting bag to take with you! We have copies in stock to help round out your knitting library.


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Book Review: Knit Local

If you’ve visited Stash, you know that we feature yarns, fibers, buttons, and other accessories created right here in the Pacific Northwest. The book Knit Local, published in 2011, by Tanis Gray fits in quite nicely here at Stash!

Knit Local highlights 28 different U.S. based yarn companies and gives a fun and interesting look into how these companies “keep things local”. Many of the companies, like Oregon’s very own Imperial Stock Ranch, raise their own sheep, while others source and mill their yarn from various places in the US. The introduction to the book is an interesting read. It poses the question, “Why Knit Local?” and goes on to explain some of the reasons why knitters should consider purchasing local products for their craft. The introduction is thought provoking, but not preachy or condescending in any way.

Here at Stash, we currently carry products from 4 of the yarn companies highlighted in Knit Local! Like I mentioned earlier in the post, Imperial Stock Ranch is included as well as Dream in ColorKollage Yarns (makers of the very popular square needles), and Knit One Crochet Too.

The yarn company profiles are fun to read through and are accompanied by gorgeous photography of the yarns, sheep, farms, and mills that are used. In addition to some really interesting information and gorgeous photography, there are knitting and crochet patterns! Each yarn company profile is accompanied by a pattern that uses one of their yarns. There were quite a few patterns that caught my eye as I flipped through the book, and I thought I’d share a couple of my favorites.

I’m a sucker for fingerless mitt patterns and I think Pike’s Mitts would look fantastic knit up in some Dream in Color Classy!

Looking for a shrug to go with all those spring dresses you own? How about Lily of the Valley in some Baah! Sonoma?

The Straits of Mackinac Vest calls for Imperial Yarn Pencil Roving!

I’m not a crocheter, but I think the Wildflowers Scarf would look beautiful in some Knitted Wit Shimmer Lace.

With all the great patterns, good reading, and gorgeous photos, I think Knit Local would be a great addition to any knitter or crocheter’s personal library!

Happy Crafting,

Stash Enhancer Liz

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