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Meet the Samples:: Romney Kerchief



Every once in a while a yarn and pattern combine to make knitting perfection.  There’s something just so right about the combination, like peanut butter and grape jelly, and everything goes better than you could have imagined. The Romney Kerchief + Gradient yarn was one such combination.

Knit from the center back out, this small shawl is quite addictive.  You see progress immediately and regularly; with the addition of a long color-repeat yarn, that effect is even more powerful.  I just wanted to keep knitting to watch the colors dance and play with the pattern.  You know the drill: “Just one more row…”

If you’re looking for a lovely, simple pattern to show off that special skein of worsted weight yarn, look no further.  You can make this shawl small, as I did, or keep going and make it even more generous. Jared Flood gives you all the maths you need to completely customize your shawl.


I also fell in love with this yarn. Gradient  is a new yarn for us at Stash, and I am pleased to say it was a delight to knit with.  It is a single ply merino, and the yarn is so incredibly soft and lofty! The colors are fresh and vibrant, with smooth and gradual transitions.

Apparently we’re not the only ones who like this yarn.  As with many of the Zauberball yarns, it is in high demand.  So if you like a skein, you should grab it because we don’t know when it will be coming our way again!

* * *

We hope you are having a happy and peaceful weekend. Our thoughts and hearts go out to all those affected by yesterday’s tragedy in Connecticut.  


Sonia + The Stash Enhancers


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