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It’s Back to {Yarn} School Time!


I still get excited about school supplies.  The smell of freshly sharpened pencils, a new notebook, and the sense of a new beginning always get me feeling ambitious. Like clean the house, bake a pie, learn a new language and cast on 5 new sweaters ambitious.  While doing laundry and writing a blog post!

When you’re a grown up, there’s not always a chance to experience the thrill of going back to school. Sure, we get to feel the bittersweet and enchanting end of summer as it rolls over into the beginning of sweater season.  As knitters, the beginning of cooler weather is very exciting indeed.  It’s also a great time to treat yourself to the gift of going back to school.  Yarn school, that is!

September is the start of knitting season, just as it’s the start of a new school year for many.  We’ve loaded our calendar with classes and events just to be sure you get the chance to go back to school, too.

Following that theme, we had a blast creating our Back to Yarn School window display.  Vintage knitting patterns folded into paper airplanes.  A knit apple and paper.  Yarn-wrapped letters. The anatomy of a sock. It all helped get us in the mood for a shiny new season of knitting.  Of casting on for cabled sweaters, cozy hats, and endless eternity cowls.

Whether you’re able to get back to yarn school or not, we urge you to embrace the spirit of the season.  Indulge in some new yarn.  Cast on a flurry of new projects.  Study a new-to-you technique.  Try something you’ve never done before (in knitting or in life). If not now, when?

What gets you excited this time of year? 

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We’re Jumping for Joy!

There’s something very special about this time of year.  Fall is a fresh start full of new sources of inspiration.   We can hardly keep our hands off the wool and the urge to start dozens of new projects is mounting.

For me, fall means sweaters and tights, hot mugs of coffee, and a renewed sense of motivation to learn all I can about the things I love.  No matter how long I have been out of school, this time of year beckons me, calls me back to learn something new.

At Stash, our classes aren’t only about learning a new technique.  They’re about challenging oneself to step outside the limits of what is known into the realm of possibility.  They are about connecting to a community of like-minded people who encourage and inspire one another.  They are about exploring the world of knitting in new and challenging ways.

As the new knitting season begins, we are beyond honored and excited to share our biggest lineup of events ever.

With that in mind, brew a cup of something tasty, find a comfy seat and read on.  When you find a class you’re inspired to take, simply pick up the phone at give us a call.  Or you can come on down to the shop, too.  Either way, we’ll get you on the list!

Early Fall Classes at Stash

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It’s Ornamental :: Holiday Knitting with Beads

It seems that every knitter has a stitch or technique that is a No Zone.  You see it mentioned in a pattern and, no matter how much you thought you wanted to make it, you are now turned off.

For me, it was short rows.  I didn’t understand the nuances of the wrap and turn, and most attempts were hole-filled tragedies.  For years I avoided patterns that even vaguely smelled like they might have short rows, claiming that I just wanted something simple and easy.  But then one day I took the time to practice, tried a couple of different methods, and wast soon short-rowing like a pro.  And you know what?  Short rows weren’t so scary after all!

We have a few classes coming up that may touch on one of your No Zone techniques (you can view them here).  Perhaps beaded knitting has you stymied.  If so, I’m here to tell you that it’s really not so difficult.  In fact, once you get started, knitting with beads can be addictive!  And with this pattern, you can practice using beads and make a lovely holiday decoration at the same time.  Win win.

✂It’s Ornamental with Sonia Ruyts 
November 17 10:30-12:30
Ornaments, beads, and pattern will be provided.

Get started on your holiday decorating and gift-giving with this fun ornament-making class! We will be knitting round ornament covers and embellishing with beads. Perfect if you’ve been wanting to learn how to add beads to your knitting. 

Space is limited, so call or come by the shop to reserve your space today! 541-753-YARN (9276)

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