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Cooperative Press Trunk Show at Stash





Ever dreamt of taking matters into your own hands and publishing your own knitting patterns? What about starting a publishing company?

Cooperative Press was created “to reflect the relationships we have developed with authors working on books.” Shannon Okey, who acquired the business and is responsible for the renaming, rebranding, and forward vision of the company has this to say about the business:

We work together [with authors] to put out the best quality books we can, and share in the proceeds accordingly.  Although working with traditional, large publishers can be very rewarding, there are some books that fly under their radar. They’re too avant-garde, or the marketing department doesn’t know how to sell them, or they don’t think they’ll sell 50,000 copies in a year.

5,000 or 50,000. Does the book matter to that 5,000? Then it should be published. 

We lead, we don’t follow.

We love that statement so much!  If you’re as intruiged by Cooperative Press as we are, please venture over to Stash this weekend for an exclusive trunk show of over 2 dozen titles.


Why shop for books at a trunkshow? Easy:

  1. you get to touch and flip through all the books.
  2. you’ll get a free digital copy with each print copy (this only happens when you buy in-store!)
  3. you’re supporting & a great indie press and your local yarn store.
  4. it’s FUN!

We will have the books on display at the shop this Saturday and Sunday from 12-4 each day. We will be taking book orders all weekend, which means you will get the book + a digital copy with no shipping!

Click here to check out Cooperative Press’s amazing selection of diverse knitting books.  Pick your favorites to order, and you may be able to walk away with a copy this weekend, too!

See you this weekend!


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On & Off the Needles: Recent Stash Enhancer Knits

Here ths Stash Enhancers share a little of what we’ve been knitting (and finishing) this summer.  No matter the weather, we are always clicking our needles.  Some of us finish things faster than others, but that just keeps the rest of us motivated!

The minute our last shipment of Hazel Knits DK arrived, I snatched up the colorway Heartthrob to CO for Neon. Featuring an all over lace pattern, Neon keeps the knitting interesting, but not too complicated. I don’t want to wish away summer, but I can’t wait to start wearing this cheerful cardigan this fall!

It doesn’t look like much yet, but hopefully this sweet little summer top will be finished in time to get some wear this summer! The Riverine Pullover is from the most recent Pom Pom Quarterly and I’m knitting it some top-secret yarn that will be hitting the shelves at Stash this fall!



The summer heat hit with full force this year, so I have stuck to small fingering weight  projects until I can shut myself in a dark, air-conditioned room and pretend it’s winter in Iceland. This pair of socks is knit from a beautiful hand-dyed merino yarn that our very own Kathryn dyed! The pattern is from Knitting Vintage Socks and is the first of many that I will knit from this book.


As far as works in progress, I have a few vintage blouses going at the moment that all seem to be at a stopping point. This one, knit in Knitted Wit fingering, is one of those oops-I-should-have-bought-more-yarn projects. I’m currently awaiting a skein of white fingering weight to use as a contrast color so I can get it finished!



I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but… I haven’t finished any knitting projects this summer.  Yet!

These two projects are so close to being finished.  I just need to spend some quality knitting time with each of them and we’ll be in good shape.  I especially want to finish this red Lobelia cardigan.  It’s been on my needles since April!  I started it intending to layer over dresses and skirts, so the sooner I finish the more wear it will get.


This little number is the Sweet Bunting cardigan.  I just joined the sleeves to the yoke and am poised to being knitting some sweet pink bunting flags.  I am loving working with the slightly rustic texture of this very luxurious yarn from The Fibre Company.

So, that’s what’s on and off our needles!  Now it’s your turn.  What have you been knitting (and finishing) this summer?

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A Wonderful, Wooly Time




Rock Island in Sweet Georgia’s merino silk lace

Our second trip to the Black Sheep Gathering was a lot different than the first.  This time we knew a little bit more of what to expect from the experience, and were able to adjust accordingly.  Pack snacks and antihistamine (all that hay from the sheep barn!).  Focus on indie dyers.  Bring lots of patterns for our samples.  You know, the basics.  But we’re perfecting this whole taking Stash on the road thing, and it is getting easier!

Black Sheep is right in our backyard, which makes this show all the more fun.  We got to see a lot of familiar faces and meet plenty of new ones.  A special thanks to listeners of The Knitmore Girls podcast who came to the shop and our booth!  After a show like this we all come home feeling pleasantly exhausted and full of inspiration.




We had a special order of Sincere Sheep‘s Treble yarn dyed up especially for the show.  Made by hand in the Napa Valley using natural dyes, this yarn is truly something special.  We are in love with Brooke’s soft yet saturated hues and the feel of this 100% superwash merino.  This yarn is at Stash for a limited time only, so if you’re eyeing a skein you better act fast!

Were you at Black Sheep this year?  What is your favorite part of attending a fiber festival?  Let us know in the comments.  We love hearing from you!


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Window to the Soul (of a Yarn Shop)


They say that the eyes are the window to one’s soul.  For a store, its eyes are actual windows that show you what that business holds dear.

We love our front window at Stash.  From the outside, it offers a glimpse of the wooly wonders that await you once you enter the shop.  You get a taste of the whimsy and craftiness we adore.  Through these eyes we hope to share that our yarn shop has a soul + a big heart.

Each season we look for inspiration all around us: nature, fashion, interior design, DIY posts, and music; anything goes.  And like the most fervent bout of startitis, the mood strikes suddenly and a new window display is born.

We’ve made it rain yarn, hatched eggs in yarn nests, and yarn bombed a bicycle.  While not every display incorporates merchandise from inside the store, every scene does play with yarn in some way.


This season’s window display was inspired by the freshly blooming crocus and impending new life of early spring.  We saw an image on Pinterest and knew we’d love to give these gigantic tissue paper flowers a try.




As it turns out, not everything you see on the Internet is as easy at it first appears.  Sydney and I were challenged to make these petals have structure while hanging.  It was a fun challenge, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the end result.


Do you have a favorite Stash window? 


Sonia + The Stash Enhancers

p.s. Yarn nests are made with Rasta from Imperial Yarn, one of our favorite Oregeon purveyors of wool.

p.p.s. Want a peek into out sources of inspiration? Follow us as StashLocal on Pinterest!

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Learn to Knit Socks:: It’s not so scary!

Hand-knit socks for everyone!

I’m a firm believer in knitting what you love, even before you’re ready. If you don’t know a certain type of project is “supposed” to be difficult or advanced, you just figure it out as you go along.  With enough passion and gumption, the knitting world is your oyster!

I had only been knitting a year when I started eyeing the socks on my knitting friends’ needles. That looks fun, I thought: let’s do this. I looked for an online tutorial and cobbled together some of the funkiest, albeit functional socks. I wish I had thought to go to my LYS and ask for help in person! Knitting is a slow magic trick, as the Yarn Harlot says, one never more evident than in the process of making socks.

Knit-along socks at Stash

If you’ve found yourself petting the gorgeous sock yarns and thinking I wish I could knit socks, or tried on your own and ended up with something that could be improved upon, come see me. I love socks, and I will show you the method behind the sock knitting madness. Because it is a little crazy, isn’t it?

Crazy fun, I say.


✂Basic Socks
with Sonia Ruyts

October 13 and October 20, 10:30am-12:30pm  $45
Skill level: Advanced beginner – Students must know how to cast on, knit, purl, and knit in the round.
Skills learned: Anatomy of a sock, heel flap, slip-stitch pattern for heel, slip-stitch selvages, heel turn, gussets, toe shaping and kitchener stitch. Socks will be knit cuff down in DK weight yarn on double-pointed needles.

*There is homework for this class.

Limited seating available. Call or stop by the shop to register. (541) 753-YARN www.stashlocal.com


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Stash Flash :: Liz

We all have to face the music at some point, and today it’s Stash Enhancer Liz’s turn to show us her personal yarn stash.

I like to air out the stash every once in a while. It’s nice to remind myself what I have, make sure there aren’t any unwanted critters, and sometimes come to the conclusion that there are a few things in my stash I will just never knit.

I’ve been knitting since 2006 and like many of you, my taste in yarn has changed over the years. I probably do a “stash reorganization” every 6 months or so. I didn’t change a whole lot about how I organize my stash this time around since I’ve found a system that works for me. But I did do some purging and tidying up.

I’m fortunate enough to have a craft room all to myself and my husband built some custom shelving in the closet to store my yarn, fiber, fiber arts books, and fabric. Here’s the top couple of rows before I pulled it all out and made a complete disaster of the room:

And here’s the bottom:

My yarn was mostly organized by weight already, but there were a few rogue skeins that had been shoved where they didn’t belong. One cubby had a bunch of yarn I knew I was ready to part with, so that was the first cubby I emptied and tossed those skeins in a pile and put them in the guest room to be dealt with later.

I knew I wanted all my sweater quantities to be together (regardless of weight) and so I emptied 2 cubbies next to one another got to work. Most of my sweater yarn was already together, but those were the cubbies that had some random skeins thrown in. I made sure that all the skeins were put with their mates and made a mental note not to impulse purchase any more yarn for sweaters!

I actually have patterns picked out for the majority of these! 

The rest of my stash is organized by weight. There is a cubby with bulky yarn, 2 cubbies with fingering and sport weight yarn and a large double sized cubby with worsted weight. I don’t separate by color or fiber type, but I did separate the worsted weight into variegated and solid/semi-sold. I made sure to keep skeins that went together, whether it be 2 skeins of the same color or coordinating colors to be used together for a specific project, in close proximity to one another.

I also picked up some soft sided boxes to store my fabric (it was starting to topple all over the place!) and straightened up my fiber and handspun stash. Certain fiber dyers put lavender sachets in with their fiber, so I’ve taken the sachets and put at least 1 or 2 in each yarn cubby. I don’t worry about the fiber as much since about 95% of it is in sealed plastic bags.

After all of my reorganization I had a small pile of yarn that I will try and destash on ravelry and another pile that will be going to a friend of mine who just learned to knit along with her daughters!

Closet after the reorganization:

I would love to be able to say that I’m super organized and have my entire stash on Ravelry. However, it’s just not true! It’s something I do want to accomplish, but need to do in bite-sized pieces!

For me, organizing by weight is key. I have a lot of yarn (there, I said it!) and if it was randomly placed in the cubbies I would have no idea where something was when I went looking for it.

I also like to store my yarn so that everything is visible when I open the closet doors. It’s easier to find things as well as find inspiration when I’m not sure what to knit next!

Being honest with yourself about what you aren’t likely to ever knit will make room for those yarns that you will use and keep your stash from overwhelming you!

Well, I think those are all my words of wisdom! As you can see I’m quite proficient at stashing yarn!

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Meet the Samples:: Swallowtail Shawl

We have a new lace shawl at Stash, and she is stealing the show!


Our Swallowtail is knit up in Shimmer Lace by Knitted Wit, a luxurious 80/20 blend of merino and Tussah silk.  This stunning shawl is light as air to knit and wear. There’s an interesting and fun stitch pattern in the body, nupps in the edging, and lots of options for variation. Our version, knit up by Stasher Jill, is the small size and took less than half of the generous 1100 yard skein.  Knit in fingering weight yarn, this shawl could be transformed into a more casual scarf. And what about whipping one up in a semi-solid hand-dyed yarn?

Originally published in Interweave Knits Fall 2006, the Swallowtail Shawl has been a viral knit with over 9,400 projects on Ravelry!  It is now available in the new Knitted Lace, A Collection of Favorite Designs from Interweave, as well as for free on the designer’s website here.  Stop by the shop to see Swallowtail, the yarn and the book in person!

And just look how pretty Swallowtail looks with one of Plover’s handmade heart shawl pins:

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