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Vintage Modern Knits:: A Trunk Show

As soon as I saw the box, I knew it was going to be a rough day.

For it was a box full of beautiful hand knits made in sumptuous yarns of silk, wool, and alpaca, and I had things on my To-Do list; being driven to distraction with the temptation of trying on said knits was not one of them!

I think I showed remarkable restraint, and only tried on one sweater immediately.  Fortunately there were other willing victims models around, and soon we were all parading around in our hand knits and practicing Sweater Pose.

Kathryn in the Yangtze cardigan (left) and Andrea in the Tilghman Island pullover (right)

What could bring on all this strange behavior, you ask?  Why, it’s the Vintage Modern Knits trunk show, of course!

Released in 2011, this book is chock full of modern interpretations of some lovely vintage garments.  From sporty ski-bunny ready hats to delicate colorwork stockings and elegant cardigans, there is a true range of style and skill in this book.

One of my surprise favorites is the Maple Bay cardigan.  Not normally one to knit or wear large-scale intarsia motif sweaters, my unabashed love for this sweater really caught me off guard. Perhaps it’s that it’s a bit ironic while still paying homage to the traditional Cowichan sweaters from Canada.  Or maybe all that OSU spirit is sinking in, and I can’t help but love a knit with a beaver on it.  Either way, I’ve tried this one on multiple times and have goaded others (even a dude) into trying it on.

And have I mentioned the yarn?  All of the patterns in the book feature yarns from The Fibre Company, known for its sophisticated color palette and fiber content.  We currently carry Canopy fingering (as seen in the Yangtzee Cardigan), Road to China (Rhodes Point Gansey),  Acadia silk/merino/baby alpaca; the new bulky Tundra is also on its way.  These yarns represent multiple weights and could happily be used for several of the patterns in the book.

Sonia in the Adelaide Pullover

In any case, there’s a serious case of Things I Want to Knit Right Now happening over here at Stash.  Prepare to be tempted into a little fall/winter knitting.  It’s never too early to start, even when it feels like summer has only just begun!

As a special treat for you, we’re offering all books and patterns from The Fibre Company and Kate and Courtney at 10% off this weekend only.  So grab a friend, come on down to the shop for a fashion show, and stock up on patterns!


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