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Simple Love Spot Blog Tour

Today I’ve been invited by Kathy of Bliss Beyond Naptime to share a spot in my home that I have lovingly lavished a simple, less cluttered serenity to.

A spot that I love because of its simplicity and its reflection of a feeling I cherish.

That feeling?



I love things that remind me of a place in time, a mood, a person. Being transported back in time by a color, shape, or scent of an object is a magical gift, and one I hold dear.  I don’t keep a lot of extra objects around my home, but each piece that is there speaks to a cherished memory.

Everything is  here for a reason.

When I look at what I lovingly refer to as my Stash Cabinet, I am reminded of a time where life was pretty simple.

This cabinet reminds me of a carefree drive up the New England coast with my sweetie. We were living in Connecticut at the time, and loved to explore the area on day trips.

We were meandering along, checking out beaches, fried fish stands, and flea markets when we stumbled upon a promising craftsman. He was selling furniture pieces made from rehabed doors, windows, and other architectural remnants. I had never thought about needing an entire piece of furniture devoted to my yarn, but as soon as I saw this, I knew I would soon have one.

It seemed extravagant, optimistic, and unneccessary.  And yet I knew it was right for a number of reasons.


Buying this piece of furniture was an outward commitment that honored my creative self and my love affair with knitting. I now had a dedicated space for those treasures I had been collecting.

Wherever we go, I know my yarn has a home, and my heart has a place to daydream.

There’s almost nothing happier to me than a skein of yarn; all that unwound potential just sitting there, waiting to become whatever you dream.

Each skein of yarn in my Stash Cabinet has a story to tell.  Precious skeins picked up on vacation.  Yarn bought when I was celebrating something or consoling myself during a difficult time.  There’s yarn I’ve received as gifts, in swaps, and in yarn clubs.  I remember the story behind each skein, and that is only the beginning.

Once I choose a yarn to work with, its potential is unwound and worked up into a new piece that will have its own story to tell. And because I have this lovely Stash Cabinet, I have a place to store all that potential.  A place that also reminds me of our time spent living in New England.  Of the days when my stash fit into a shoe box.

> > >  < < < 

Kathy is the Mama Bliss Coach and Simplicity Parenting Group Leader over at Bliss Beyond Naptime. She offers online Simplicity Parenting workshops for each of the four levels of simplifying found in this epic, must-have parenting book: the Environment, Rhythm, Scheduling and Filtering. 

Starting September 16th, Kathy’s offering a group study of the environment module so you too can design a home that echoes your carefully chosen values while exuding peace and harmony.

Kathy is also thrilled to offer one our readers a copy of the book Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne, because really, it’s a must-have. This book blew her Mama mind in a good way and she hopes the same thing happens to yours! Simply leave a comment on this blog post by Friday 9/20/13 and you’re entered to win.


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Stash Flash, part 4!

As you may imagine, working in a LYS has been pretty good (Or bad? Depending on how you look at it!) for my yarn-buying habits. I did some decent destashing before I moved to Oregon two years ago, but now I’m back up to acceptable levels again, especially in single sock skeins (Which, from my New Year’s resolutions blurb, is part of my problem!). While I’ve been knitting on-and-off for almost 15 years (!!), only about 4 of those have been spent cultivating an actual stash and frequenting Ravelry, so I’m still trying to figure out what my best storage and record-keeping options are.


(Right next to the hooch rack, too, just as nature intended.)

…That’s it! I know. Living in about 400 square feet, a cute little Ikea bookshelf is all I can do for my poor stash at the moment. But it’s right by my spot on the couch, and there’s even enough room for my boyfriend to keep some of his skeins on there (He’s not helping re: sock yarn.). I like to keep things set up by color rather than weight, and I think it looks fun that way since it’s all out in the open.


(Some odd skeins, wee WIPs that need some finishing, and some supplies.)


(A box of leftovers and my very special collection of Sanguine Gryphon Little Traveller mini skeins and ends. These will be going into a scrap project soon!)


Also, you may have noticed something, um, different about my stash… have I mentioned that winding yarn is one of my favorite things? It’s nearly impossible for me to resist having a neat stack of little yarn cupcakes on my shelf, and they’re so easy to organize! Whenever I drag the swift and winder out, I know I’m in for a calm evening of winding and sorting. Definitely one of the most useful crafting investments I’ve made.


(A few that haven’t made it to the winder yet.)

Since I had a good excuse to go through my stash tonight, here’s my basket of let-’em-go yarns; may they soon find loving homes. All I have to do now is get my woefully neglected Ravelry stash page updated and I’ll be all set for 2013.


(Anyone need to crochet a banquet-sized table runner??)

And look, I’ve already started a selfish project. 🙂



~ Kathryn


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Stash Flash: Part 3

I love my stash.  It’s so much color in one place, so much knitting potential, and it’s a small area of my life where I can satisfy my urge to organize knowing that no one else will mess it up but me.  (Can you tell I have two small children?)   Of course, it can also be a huge source of guilt when I see how many sweater quantities of yarn I have versus how many sweaters I’ve actually knit, but I generally get over that pretty quickly 😉 All in due time, I say! ( And also, that yarn in that color way may never be on sale again.)

[My yarn closet shares space with our frame backpack, weights, the ironing board, and my husbands’ work clothes]

 Like Liz, I have a closet area (ok, it’s actually a cubby with shelves, but I like to call it my yarn closet) dedicated to my stash.  It’s 3 shelves; with the top one dedicated to finished gifts, gift-wrapping, and other miscellaneous crafting supplies and materials.  The next two shelves hold the yarn that I already have organized into projects, each project (or types of project grouped together) in a plastic zip bag (the kind bed sheets come in).  I rely pretty heavily on Ravelry and my queue to keep this yarn all up to date and find-able; the projects I have yarn for are in my queue with the corresponding yarn info/color/amount/etc. entered so I know what I have and where it is.

 [Shelf 1]


[Shelf 2]

Until recently, the rest of my stash, those skeins of yarn not yet destined for a specific project, were in cloth storage bins (top right on shelf 2), just hanging around and easily accessible for fondling or inspiration purposes.  That was, until a friend of my discovered she had a moth problem in her stash (ack!)  Hearing her horror story made me absolutely paranoid, so I came home and took all the yarn off the shelves and out of the cloth bins looking for moths.  I didn’t find any moths, or any evidence of them, but I realized my yarn was too exposed.

[Former tile tool tub, now used for yarn storage]

 Using what I had on hand (my husbands old plastic storage bin he used for his tiling tools, which needed a disgusting amount of cleaning) I relocated all my exposed yarn into a place where the moths couldn’t get it.  This left me with the problem of not being able to easily see what I had.  To remedy this, I put all my un-categorized yarn on to Ravelry on my stash page. I figure this way, if I come up with a project I want to do, I can check the stash online and see if I have the yarn more easily than digging through a gigantic tub.  At least, that’s what’s working for now.

[No longer moth bait]

So there you have it, where and how I keep my stash organized.  Knowing myself, it will change and evolve to fit my needs but I bet I’m not alone there.  In fact, I bet there are quite of few of us that “rearrange” the stash regularly.  You know, just so we can sit on the floor and roll around in all of our beautiful yarn.

– By Cinnamon S

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Stash Flash :: Sonia

I don’t know about you, but I’m a total voyeur.  I love to gaze into people’s windows at night, sneaking a peek into a small illuminated image of someone else’s life.  And as a knitter, I love seeing other people’s yarn stashes.  It hasn’t happened very often; for as much as we talk about our collections of yarn, I find very few people willing to actually quantify it, let alone show it.

We thought it would be fun to take you along on a little behind the scenes tour of how the three of us stash, store, and organize our personal yarn collections.  Enjoy this glimpse behind the curtain!

May I present Sonia’s Yarn Cabinet:


I bought this at a flea market in Connecticut around 2008, and unofficially decided that all my yarn had to fit inside it for the rest of time.  I’ve always kept my generous collection of sock yarn behind the window pane, for his is the yarn I love to just look at the most.  It’s usually arranged by color, though in between stash culling random leftover balls and project bags get tossed in on top.  Just for fun, I pulled it all out and arranged it by color.

I am a modest stasher overall, and I much prefer the thrill of buying a new yarn and casting on with it right away.  If a yarn doesn’t get wound up and assigned a project right away, it gets tucked into the back of the yarn cabinet, destined to be thought about on one of my semi-annual stash reorganizations.  I love my sock yarn stash, and what I don’t still love I pulled.  I also seperated out all of the partial balls and put them into a bag together.  Striped hats, anyone?


Then there is the rest of my yarn.  A lot of this is in 1-2 ball increments for accessories and baby knits that I want to get to eventually.  Yarn is generally sorted by fiber content, with cotton and non-wool blends in their own basket.  The rest is sweater quantity yarn and leftovers.  This is also where I store my works-in-progress that are in a time out (note the red sweater, exiled for Miscrossed Cables), and my swift and ball winder.


Sonia’s favorite yarn storage tips:

  • Cedar balls + lavender sachet.  You can make these or buy them at home stores.  They make your stash smell nice and deter pests.
  • Repurposing the clear, zippable bags that sheets and other linens come in.  I like to pre-organize projects by isolating the yarn into a bag and tossing in a printout of the pattern or a list of possibilities for the yarn.  This is useful when I’ve been madly stalking a pattern and come up with a clever pairing with stash yarn.  This way if I don’t get to the project right away, I don’t have to do all the research again if I don’t want to.
  • Arrange yarn by weight and/or fiber type.  I go one step further and orgnanize by color as well.

I pulled out all of my yarn in preparation for writing this post.  I do this about once a year, and it is always enlightening. I also used this as a chance to update my stash status on Ravelry.  It’s a great way to keep track of and search for patterns using yarn you already own.  Plus you can list it for sale or trade if it’s not something you’re in love with anymore.

In the thick of it.

I discovered some real gems in this spring cleaning and am feeling excited to cast on a couple of new projects.  And the rest of it?  It’s in a bag, waiting to go to a good home with some other knitter.

Destash bag (L), leftovers (R)

What are some of your favorite stash organization tips?


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